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Matt and Sherrie

Fairfax, Virginia

(703) 385-5440

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Dear Expectant Parent,

We want to thank you for choosing life for your child, and we are honored that you are taking time to look at our profile.  We cannot imagine the decisions before you, but we want you to know that your consideration of an adoption plan is a brave, loving and selfless act, and we respect you for it.

We have been married for over 10 years, having met each other at our workplace.  When we reached the point in our marriage where we felt ready to add to our family, it became apparent to us that we would not be able to have a biological child.   Our connection to other families with adopted children encouraged us and we began to feel that God had called us to walk the journey of adoption.

While the two of us come from different backgrounds, we also have many shared interests and find that our personalities complement each other well. We met and began dating while working together at a locally owned grocery store.  At that time, Matt bagged groceries and Sherrie was a cashier.  Several months before we got married, Matt changed jobs and worked as a manager of another retail store for many years before returning to work at the grocery store a couple of years ago to be manager of the store's new home delivery service. Sherrie continues to work at the grocery store, and is now the Marketing Specialist, with many different responsibilities throughout the store.  Matt recently began a new job working as a delivery driver for a tractor trailer parts company.

Matt describes himself as witty and a bit sarcastic. He tries to see the humor in things and to make others laugh, although he knows when to take things seriously. He believes that if you want something then you need to work for it. Personal responsibility and honesty are important as well. But mostly he is fun loving and would much rather get through the day having a good time and not let the stress of daily life put him in a bad mood. He feels that we should work hard to keep the bills paid and watch our spending habits, but not so much that we are unable to enjoy time with family or doing the things we enjoy.  Matt enjoys many types of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, hunting and especially fishing from his kayak. He also enjoys working on and fixing up cars, and likes to do metal work, welding and auto body work in his garage when he gets a chance. He enjoys reading WWII history and Science-Fiction books.

Sherrie is quiet and reserved until you get to know her, definitely an introvert.  She has a strong work ethic and always wants to know that she has done the best she could in whatever she does.  She takes responsibilities and life seriously, but also always looks for ways to add some fun to life.  She tries to keep a positive outlook on life and looks for ways to encourage others and make them smile.  Family life and faith are important and influence her daily choices.  Many of her hobbies are influenced by her interest in history.  She really enjoys genealogy and spends a lot of time researching and gathering information about both of our families' histories.  She enjoys reading, especially historical fiction. 

We both enjoy traveling to different areas and learning about their history.  We also both enjoy nature and spending time outdoors.  Favorite outdoor activities are camping, hiking, fishing, taking photos of the beauty around us, or simply sitting with a good book.

We regularly attend a church that is very children and family oriented, and that we know will be supportive as we raise a child to know God's love.  We try to live and grow in our faith daily.  During child dedication services at our church, our pastor has the congregation read together a statement of support, promising to support the family's "efforts to provide a loving and caring home, where trust in God grows and Christ's way is chosen."  That is the environment we will strive to provide for your child.

Even though we don't know you, we are already praying for you.  If you select us, your child will know how much you love them and that your decision was not an easy one.  We are excited to add a "branch" to our family tree through adoption, while recognizing that your child will have roots and traits that are a unique gift from you.  We are committed to keeping you updated through letters and photographs and will prayerfully consider a more open relationship with you.  You will always be an important part of our adoption story, a story that will be told often and with much respect.

Matt and Sherrie