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Paul and Stephanie

Western Pennsylvania

(724) 940-2900

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Dear Birth Parents,  

Our names are Paul and Stephanie. Thank you for your interest in our story. We wish for you to know, right off the bat, that we are moved by your decision to go through with the adoption process. You are in continual prayer, not just by us, but also by our friends and families. Your courage, strength, and act of pure love through this journey is one that we are moved by. Thank you.

Our Story
Our story begins at a July 4th celebration. I wish I could say there were fireworks, but it started with a simple hello. A friend from church invited Paul to a Fourth of July picnic. That very friend happened to be a mutual friend of mine (Stephanie). Yep, I also received an invitation to the shindig. Pleasantries were exchanged, and though I was in on the “set up”, Paul was left out of the loop. The only loop he was in that day was with the kids in the pool. They played for hours. In that moment, though I didn’t know the man, I couldn’t help but think: “He is going to be a great dad.” When kids were around, Paul was the “kid zone”.  Our host saw that my lack of mobility, due to knee reconstruction surgery, and Paul’s attention being diverted by the children did not result in the desired outcome of a date; she plotted to have us meet again.

She set up a game night with a group of friends. This too hit a few snags. The invite came via a Facebook group message. When he responded he would love to attend the evening, our dear friend thought it best to fill Paul in on her intentions. However, when she responded, she did so and then hit reply all… the cat was out of the bag….to everyone. So as the group strategized back and forth, Paul felt that with the ice broken we should go out before game night. Our first date was July 30, 2010. It went well, so well that our wedding date was in July of 2011.

Our Faith
Our relationship with God is at the forefront of our lives. He is at the center of all we do and are active in our desire to grow in Him. Along with being active members of our church, we attend Community Bible Study and act as Core Group leaders that facilitate our group studies. Youth are an important part of our lives as well.  As a high school Social Studies teacher, I work with teens every day. I know this is my calling and although Paul is not a teacher, he too has been called to work with youth.  Beyond being youth leaders, we also have individually started Bible studies with some of the young adults. Paul leads “Jesus and Milkshakes” with the young, college age men in our church, and I lead “Jesus and Pancakes” with a few of the high school girls. We meet in a local restaurant and study the Word, while enjoying our favorite sweets! Does it get any better than Jesus and sweets? Our intention is to plant the seeds of faith in our child and help to nurture them until our child can develop his or her own walk with the Lord.

About Paul (By Stephanie)
From that first date, it was clear to me that I met the man I’ve prayed for, for years. Paul is funny, patient, kind, attentive, sweet, and thoughtful. So many things I’d prayed for all in one man and yet, his honesty was the one of his many the attributes that struck me that day. He was forthcoming that he most likely could not have children. What floored me the most was that being a mom, one of the biggest dreams in my life, could be gone at least in the traditional sense, and yet I still was drawn to this man. Without skipping a beat, he shared his desire to be a dad and his intentions to adopt. It didn’t take long for me to realize, I was going to spend the rest of my life on earth with this man. Everyday I thank God for Paul. I pray for the daily challenges he faces, for him to continue to be a strong head of our household, and pray that the Lord would continue to allow us to grow closer together. I didn’t think it was possible to love Paul more than I did on our wedding day. And although each day is not perfect, sometimes far from it, I find myself loving and respecting this man more and more each day and cannot wait for the time that he will not only be called husband, but daddy.

About Stephanie (By Paul)
I love my Steph, and she is my best friend.  She is a passionate and caring wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt and high school teacher.  We constantly run into kids from the community, and it’s a treat to hear how she has impacted their lives.  Shortly after we married, her mother became ill and now has disabilities.  It’s amazing to see how Steph helps her mother (and father).  She also assists her grandparents weekly, either by visiting or cooking them a meal.  There’s not a week that goes by without a call to her niece nor is any outfit overlooked that has the wording ‘best aunt’.  I’m just thankful she hasn’t started buying outfits for our dog yet. Ha. This is just a glimpse of what makes her special to me and I know that she will give this child everything she has.   I have witnessed her nurturing ability through friends’ children, her niece and her commitment to her family.  She is a strong Godly woman and I am grateful for God’s gift.

Final Thoughts
We thank you for the blessing that you intend to provide a family and are very appreciative that you took the time to read our story. If you would like to learn more about us, you can request to see our profile book.  We sincerely hope that you will consider us to be a mommy and a daddy for your child. We have no doubt that God has a plan for your child, as well as a plan to grow our family.  We will continue to pray daily for you and your decision.

With love in Christ,
Paul and Stephanie