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Aaron and Johni

Columbus, Ohio

(614) 448-2885

Inquire About This Family

We are Aaron and Johni- a responsible yet laid back couple who have a heart for adoption! We pay our bills, make our bed, and try our best to eat our vegetables. We love to drink coffee, spend time with our friends, and make each other laugh. We are very involved with our church and are surrounded by people who fully know and love us. We have been married for four years and are really excited about adding a little one to our family.

When we began considering starting our family, we really felt God put adoption on our hearts. So we researched, and prayed, and came to a place where we both knew with all our hearts that our first child would be joined to our family through adoption.

We want to be the kind of parents who encourage continuously, love unconditionally, and laugh frequently. We want our home to be real, and fun, and filled with grace. We want to learn with our children about their passions and give them opportunities to flourish. We want to read books and go on adventures. We want to surround them with the people who love them already and always will.

Meet Aaron.

I am a 25-year-old Graphic Designer who was born and raised in Southern California. I spend most of my time reading, creating, and listening to music.

Knowledge is important to me. I desire to be rightly informed so that I can rightly interact with the world and those around me. I love art and I am on a constant search for new inspiration, whether that’s by looking online, flipping through old reference books, or visiting galleries. Coffee is my fuel and music is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and entertainment.
I greatly enjoy the company of our friends. We can go on trips together, study the Bible, go to concerts, or do absolutely nothing at all! And of course, any time hanging out with Johni is always the most fun!  

“If you were to divide Aaron in two, he would be equal parts passion and silly. I love that. Aaron has more drive than anyone I know. He is constantly wanting to better himself in every way: intellectually, spiritually, in his career, as a spouse, as a friend. Aaron is my great comfort; his embrace is like a balm to my heart. But Aaron is just as much driven and passionate as he is hilarious. Those who know him best see this secondary side of him: the side of goofy impressions, crazy dance moves, and the ability to make me crack a smile even when I don’t want to.”- Johni, about Aaron

Meet Johni.

I am 24 years old and currently work for a non-profit organization, as well as a Psychologist Assistant. My favorite things to do are cuddle up on the couch with a good book, wander around shops, and chat with friends.

I have always been very passionate about art in just about every form. I sketch, doodle, and create often. I love listening to music and have been attempting to teach myself to play the cello. Holidays and celebrations are important to me. I make a big deal out of birthdays, decorate everything for Christmas, and have fondue every New Year's Eve. One of my favorite things to do is plan events, especially ones that involve costumes!

“Johni loves giving gifts and puts a lot of thought into them. She has a heart for animals and children and is passionate about social justice. She is a bit of a francophile and loves all things French. The way to her heart is fresh flowers on the dining table. I’ve never seen anyone who enjoys organizing and cleaning like Johni does. I appreciate her love for meaningful conversation and learning about God through His Word.”- Aaron, about Johni

Meet Irene.
Our house just wouldn't be home without our little black dog, Irene! We adopted Irene from a shelter in 2013 and she is very calm, sweet, cuddly, and extremely intelligent. Irene is a registered therapy dog who loves children, especially ones who drop little bits of food and have sticky fingers for her to lick!

Our Letter to You.
We cannot adequately explain how grateful we are for you. The amount of respect we have for you cannot be overstated- you are a hero! We appreciate your heart to make the best possible decision for your baby.

Just as you are not considering your options lightly, we dare not take lightly the responsibility of becoming parents. In fact, we commit ourselves to prayer for our child, for you, and for ourselves as we know our weaknesses. We commit ourselves to openness to learning about our child, understanding the weight of adoption, and what it means for everyone involved. We commit ourselves to growth, to be a clear picture of love and support, to create the best environment we can to bring a child into.

This being said, should you choose us to be your baby’s parents, you can be at peace knowing that we will always put aside our needs to attend first to that of our child. We will always cultivate a culture in our home of safety and openness, where adoption is celebrated and talked about, where our child’s story is important. We will help them create meaningful experiences, and we will be truly present with them, especially when they need us most. We will always celebrate their accomplishments, big or small, and give them the tools they need to chase their passions. We will never stop telling them how loved they are with our words and with our actions- that they are so loved by God, by us, and by you.