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Will and Adri

North Carolina

(828) 651-8600

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Thanks for taking the time to view our profile.  We want you to know that we’re praying for you and what you're going through right now.  We cannot imagine the gravity of all you are facing.  However, we pray that Bethany will help you find your way - whatever path you take - and that you will find peace in your decision.

Our dreams for adopting again exist so that we may grow our family in the way we feel that God has intended.  Our desire to parent began long before we were married.  We've both always wanted a family full of love, nurture, laughter, and a strong faith in God.  Over our nineteen years together we have been through many difficult circumstances but they have only helped to draw us closer to God and each other, and to more clearly see God’s vision for our future. 

About Will by Adri

Will is the most sincere, kind-hearted, passionate, loving, generous, spiritual, and devoted man I have ever known.  On our wedding day I surprised him with an inscription on his wedding ring that says "the best I ever met."  I meant it when I told him that almost 14 years ago, and he proves it true more and more every day. 

He is an amazing father.  He is a hard working provider that does anything necessary to provide for the family. He is passionate about raising our children and creating family memories, while building a strong father/child relationship.  He is playful, fun loving, and generous.  He loves to play hide and seek, ball, and take our son to the park.  Our son loves every minute he spends with his daddy!

About Adri by Will

Adri is the most kind-hearted, generous, and loving soul I have ever met.  I knew soon after we began dating that she was the woman I wanted to marry and would be an amazing mother. She is genuinely concerned for the happiness and well-being of everyone in her life. Her smile and laughter are contagious. She strongly values family and adores children. I am continuously amazed, encouraged, and inspired by her and am indeed blessed that God has brought her into my life. 

Others describe her as a creative person.  She is an avid photographer, loves decorating, and many people admire her artistic talents.  She is patient and loving and loves to share those passions with our son.  They love to spend time painting, drawing on the chalkboard wall, and swimming.

About Daxton
Daxton found his way to us in November of 2011 through open domestic adoption with Bethany Christian Services.  Dax is the most wonderfully amazing child we could have ever prayed for.  God blessed us immensely by bringing him into our lives.  He is tender, kind, and loving.  He never wants anyone to be upset and brings happiness wherever he goes.  He is cheerful and an absolute joy to be around.  He loves his swimming lessons, going to the park, and building with Legos.  Dax is very excited at the prospect of a sibling joining our family.  He’ll make a great big brother!

As a Family
We are all kids at heart.  We are pretty much as silly as they come.  We love to goof off, play games, have tickle wars, make up funny songs, act like nerds, and just be silly.  We love children and are all excited to continue to expand our family.  We look forward to sharing our fun loving nature with another child and cannot wait to grow in this way.  

We all love to travel.  We enjoy going to places we've never been, learning about new cultures, tasting new foods, and meeting new people.  We are always up for an adventure and love to explore.  However, our favorite destination always includes a beach.  We love hearing the waves crash on the shore, watching the sunset over the water, and admiring God’s glorious planet. 

About our Extended Family
Our family is made up of two sets of grandparents, two great grandparents, six aunts and uncles, our son’s birth family, and extensive other family and friends who are involved in our lives.  Family is extremely important to us.  Adri’s parents have been married for more than 40 years.  Adri was blessed through the adoption of a sister who has greatly impacted our lives and our adoption journey.  She has one older sister and one younger sister.  She also has one nephew.  Will’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  Will has one older sister who has two children; one boy and one girl.  Family traditions are strong and we surround ourselves with family at the holidays and summer vacations. 

About our Home
We live in a tight knit community.  There are many homes in our neighborhood with children of varying ages and ethnicities.  Families play outside tossing balls, swimming in pools, jumping on trampolines, walking dogs, and riding bikes.  Our house was purchased with the intentions of creating a home for our family.  We’ve worked to create a warm, soothing, yet fun environment in our nursery to welcome a little one.  We painted the walls, installed the crib, Adri painted a painting, and Will created an origami bird mobile.

Our Promise to You
If you do decide to place your little one with us, we want you to know that we promise to love and cherish them with all our hearts.  We promise to provide a safe, warm, fun, loving, and exciting place for them to grow and become all that they hope to be.  We promise to surround them with family and friends who will genuinely love and support them.  We promise to raise them knowing the love of Jesus and filling their heart with His Spirit.  And we promise to maintain as open of a relationship with you as you desire, so that you can be involved with their growth and progress.

We strongly believe that God's will is to build our family through adoption and we are committed to finding the little one that God has intended for us to parent.  Wishing you peace, love, and blessings as you work through finding your way.

With sincere hearts,
Will, Adri & Dax