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Pietro and Marta

New York, New York

(212) 714-3550

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Dear Birthparent(s), thank you for the time you are taking to get to know us.

We are moved by how your life and ours are brought together in such a mysterious way. We are confident that God is taking care of all of our lives and we trust the plan He has for each of us and for your child. We hope that this glimpse into our lives will help you to know us better.

Our Family’s Journey
Both Marta and Pietro were born and raised in Turin, a city in the North West of Italy. We had been dating for three years when Pietro was offered a good job in New York and we understood that it was time to begin a new journey together.

So, in 2007 we got married and started our life together in New York. We now live in Brooklyn, close to many of our friends, in a quiet residential neighborhood, only a few blocks from the river and many beautiful parks.

As time went by, our desire to have children grew, but we soon realized that it was not possible, at least not in the way we had always imagined. Initially we were in shock. But gradually, we came to realize that life wasn’t necessarily “robbing us” of anything. Instead, it turned out to be a unique opportunity to understand the depth of our desire of being parents and to grow in the relationship with each other.

Several months later we met Tommaso, our two-year-old son, adopted in 2014. He is an active and happy boy! He is very affectionate, athletic and always has a big smile for everyone. It’s an incredible joy for us to be his parents, and we are in awe watching him grow into a little person, with his own personality and incredible energy.

Marta, by Pietro

Marta, I always say, is the emotional half of our family. She is all about the relationships with our friends, families, and colleagues. She is very caring and sociable, and everybody who has come to know her cannot do without her friendship.

She is an architect, with a great taste for design, and in general, for anything beautiful. I must also mention that she is a great cook – and Tommaso is already following in her footsteps– we love having friends over for dinner to enjoy a good meal and their companionship.

While she is at work, Tommaso spends his time with a wonderful and loving nanny, who always manages to keep him busy with her never-ending creativity.

Pietro, by Marta

If you ever go through any sort of difficulty or challenge in your life, Pietro is the friend that you want to have around. He is smart, resolute and down to earth, and isn’t afraid to give all of himself when lending a hand.

He is a tax accountant and is passionate about his profession. He is eager to learn new things and guide his younger colleagues on new and challenging projects.

He also enjoys spending time with our friends. As he always says, “it keeps our minds and our hearts open”. Among his favorite activities is playing soccer, watching movies, and traveling. He especially loves the outdoors and enjoying beautiful landscapes. He can’t wait to bring Tommaso on a road trip to Yellowstone or maybe even the Grand Canyon.

The Desire for the Family to Grow
During these years we were sustained by the strength of our marriage and by the friends that God has always placed along our path. This very certainty is what we desire to communicate to the children that God will give us, so that they may experience the beauty of life, and become certain of being loved without any preconditions.

After the gift of Tommaso in our lives, we can’t but desire that our family would continue to grow. We are sure our next adoption will be a new challenge, but also a great adventure. We look forward to welcoming another child into our family are truly grateful for the love that God has shown your child through the endless love and sacrifices you have made as their birthparents.

Pietro and Marta