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Chris and Holly

Omaha, Nebraska

Hello Potential Friend –

Boy, this is a strange way to try to learn about someone, isn’t it? What a difficult decision this must be. While we haven’t met, we are praying for you as you decide what is best for you and your child. Thank you for reading about us and potentially considering us!

We have been married for four years and are farmers in western NE. Before marriage, Holly lived in Minnesota and was 100% a city girl. Thankfully, I quickly fell in love with Chris and the farm! We love being outside working in the yard, cooking for our friends, and traveling.

About Chris (written by Holly)

I love learning, growing, and walking through life with this man. The things that made me fall in love with him continue to be true – he is easily the most kind-hearted, generous man I have ever met. He makes me laugh every day and never ceases to surprise me. Chris is always learning and challenges me to do the same. He is my biggest cheerleader as well as encourages those around us. He is committed to his family, his church and his friends. Chris’ parents and grandparents worked hard to create the farm we now work on. Because of this legacy, Chris is passionate about ensuring the farm is here for future generations. I love watching him interact with kids. His goofiness and willingness to play captures their hearts. Plus, he’s really strong so he’s great at giving rides! Chris knows he won’t be a perfect parent but I’m so thankful he trusts God to help him along the way.

About Holly (By Chris)

Holly is the person that everyone wants to hang out with. Not because she has something superficial like the coolest look, the nicest clothes, or social status. No, she is far better than those things. People crave being near Holly because of her depth of soul, her authenticity, and her concern for others. Children naturally gravitate toward Holly. She often becomes the community babysitter at events. She always knows how to discipline the unruly, draw out the withdrawn, comfort the scared, encourage the doubtful, and help the weak feel strong.

Holly’s personality is wide raging, and never judgmental. She can enjoy a giggle fest over a stupid joke, and then talk about some unique complexity in her favorite wine. I’ve witnessed Holly having conversations with V.I.P.’s at fancy events, and families at a food shelf. You wouldn’t be able to tell who she respects more.

I can’t wait for you to get to know my wife. I love her so much. She is the most vibrant, colorful, beautiful, entertaining person you could meet. She’s a fantastic wife and will be a great mother.

About Our Community

Chris and Holly live in one of the smaller counties in Nebraska. While the population has decreased over the years, many have been here their entire lives. As part of the farming community, we have the chance to work with each other and their neighbors. While we live in a rural area, there is a town less than 20 minutes away with everything we need including a hospital, grocery store and the local schools. We both feel grateful to be surrounded by friends and family and look for ways to be involved. Chris is on the electric board and Holly is a substitute teacher. We both enjoy participating in community events throughout the year.

Our Families

Chris is the youngest of six children and most siblings live near-by. He also has several adult nieces and nephews that have children. Most of his family are farmers which means it’s the main topic whenever they get together! His parents were married for 50 years before his dad passed away 10 years ago. His mom has some health issues but has been strong for 82 years.

Holly’s family is much smaller with only two older siblings. Since marrying Chris, her parents and a brother (and his family) have also relocated to Nebraska. She loves this because she gets to see them much more often. Her parents have been married for 39 years.

Both Chris and Holly are grateful to come from families that raised them to have God be an active part of their lives and plan on sharing this legacy with future children. They attend church with much of Chris’ family and often celebrate holidays with both sides of their families.

While it’s hard to have an idea of who we are based on a few words, we want you to know we are grateful that you read about us. We think you are very brave. May God’s peace be with you!

Kindest regards,

Chris and Holly