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Jason and Krista

Plymouth, Minnesota


(763) 553-0344

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Hello!  We are Jason, Krista and Isaac.  Before we introduce ourselves more, please know that while we cannot claim to understand all the decisions you are facing, we are humbled by your bravery and your love for your child.  Our family has been praying for you and your child since we began our adoption journey.  Thank you for reading our letter and allowing us to share a little about our family with you. 

Our Story
We first met while working at a church retreat, started dating soon after, and quickly fell in love.  From the beginning, our shared faith has been an important part of our relationship.  We are so thankful that God brought us together and has blessed us with over 11 wonderful years of marriage.

Our son Isaac was born in 2009.  We feel honored to be entrusted by God to be his parents, one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs we've ever had.  We are fervently praying to welcome another child into our family.  While infertility has been a painful part of our journey leading us to adoption, it has been only one part. We both have always had a heart for adoption, and we firmly believe God has led our family to adoption.

More about Jason (by Krista)
Jason is my best friend and the love of my life.  He is outgoing, authentic, trustworthy and always knows how to make me smile.  He is a man of strong faith, inspiring me to take larger leaps than I ever could on my own.  He gives his best to everything he does, whether it’s parenting, helping a friend, or making special memories as a family.  He works hard at his job and while it does include some travel, it is also flexible enough that he can routinely work from home.  In his free time, Jason enjoys woodworking, playing guitar, riding ATVs, and camping.

He is an amazing father to our son Isaac.  I love hearing the pure excitement in our son’s voice when he spots Daddy’s truck pulling into the driveway.  He makes a point to include Isaac is whatever he’s doing -- whether it is playing cars on the floor, reading a book, or working together on a project.  Family time is a priority for him, ensuring each of us feels treasured and loved. 

More about Krista (by Jason)
Loving, thoughtful, and kind are some of the first words I think of to describe Krista.  She makes my life complete and inspires me to be a better husband.  What attracted me to her when we first met was that she looked good in overalls.  Just kidding!  I was attracted to her joyful personality, her smile, and her laugh.

Krista is a patient and nurturing mother, putting our family first to make sure our needs are met.  I appreciate that she is able to stay home fulltime with our son.  She always finds time to make special memories with him – planning fun projects, going to the library, playing in the backyard and volunteering in his preschool class.  She enjoys crafts, gardening, baking anything made of chocolate, and being a small group leader with her Moms Group.  I’m so thankful God brought us together and she is my partner in raising our children.

More about Isaac
Isaac is an energetic and creative 4 year old that fills our home with laughter.  He loves legos, cars, playing outside, and having fun with our family dog Ratchet.  He has a big imagination and is always making up stories about rescues, races, monsters and pirate ships.  Isaac is very excited about the idea of being a big brother and has enjoyed helping us get the nursery ready.  He often tells us what good things will happen "when a baby comes to our family".  His list includes sharing toys and having two kids ride in the grocery cart.  He recently told us that he thought we should adopt “seven brothers or one sister”.

Our Home, Community and Faith
Our home is on an acreage in a rural community about 2 hours outside of the Twin Cities.  On a typical weekend you can find our family making s’mores over a backyard campfire, relaxing with popcorn and a movie, bowling with friends, playing ball in the backyard or enjoying our favorite pizza place.  The local church where we are members has wonderful children's programs and family activities.  We also live in a great school district with lots of opportunities.

Our faith is the foundation of our lives. We learned early in our marriage that God has plans for us, sometimes differing from what we expected. He has been faithful in each situation, and we continue to trust in Him to lead our family.  As parents, we also have a big responsibility to live out our faith in front of our children, to show God's love, to teach God's word, and encourage their personal faith in Christ.  As a family, we pray regularly, involved in our church, and read the Bible together.  We will continue to lift our children up in prayer and work to parent them as best we can, with God’s help.

In Closing
We wish we could promise a perfect life for your child.  We wish we could promise to be perfect parents.  We can’t.  But we can promise your child will be loved and treasured as a special gift from God, never forgetting the role you played in the giving of the gift. We would always be honest about their story and the love you have for them.  You would be spoken of with honor and respect in our home.

We will continue to pray for you daily.  May God fill you with His peace in your decisions, guide you with His wisdom, and surround you with His love as you walk the path He has for you. 

God’s Blessing,
Jason and Krista