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Adam and Angela

Des Moines, Iowa

(515) 270-0824

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Thank you very much for letting us introduce ourselves. Our names are Adam and Angela. We are so grateful that you love your child so much as to consider adoption for him or her. Although we can't imagine what you may be going through we want you to know that we are here to support you in anyway possible and are looking forward to meeting you.

We met in 2008 and married in 2010. Since then we have been trying to start a family but unfortunately have not been able to conceive naturally. So we felt like we have been called to adoption. We are excited about the challenging and rewarding life that being a parent can be.

We live in a small rural community that has a population of about 800 people.  Which means we know all of our neighbors and a lot of the people that live around town. Our home is a green ranch style house with 3 bedrooms. Angie loves to plant flowers around the house, in pots and in her flower garden. We both tend to the raised vegetable garden, but Adam does most of that planting.  Across the street from our house is one of the city parks where a lot of other kids and families spend time. The community school is about three blocks down the hill from our house. Our small town and location of our house would be a really nice place to raise a family.

We attend church every weekend and help out with various activities for the church. We take pride on having a balanced and structured life and at the same time having a lot of fun together. Every year we try to take a vacation to certain places around the country. One of our favorite places to go is Disney World and we would love to one day take a family vacation there.

Adam works in his family's agricultural businesses and is the operations manager of the grain division. Adam's job, even though seasonally can be very busy, is also very flexible with hours and being able to give last minute notices for days off. He enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, golfing, gardening, tending to the yard or just bar-b-queing. Adam lives a fit lifestyle and exercises regularly along with Angela.

Angela works in the surgery department as a registered nurse in the hospital located about 30 miles west of our hometown. She enjoys helping people on a daily basis whether it’s at her job or with physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She is a very caring person and loves to spend time with her nieces and nephews. Angela is an upbeat person with an animated personality and that’s what makes her so much fun to be around.  Angie enjoys cooking especially when she and Adam get to work on recipes together.  

Caring for a child is a life altering responsibility, but the more people in a child's life there are to love him or her, the better life that child will have. We believe adoption is not the end of a relationship, it is the beginning of a very special relationship with many special people. Thank you for your time reading our letter.

Adam and Angela