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Ben and Nicole


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Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

We are passionate about welcoming people into our home and loving them with hospitality, grace, and kindness. We excitedly hope to expand our family through the miracle of adoption; welcoming any child into our family with unconditional love.

We admire you so much for your strength, choosing life, and for considering adoption. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us even in the midst of all of this! As you look through our profile and photos, we hope you are reassured of our desire to love any child with all our hearts, souls, and abilities; seeking to provide a loving, nurturing, safe, genuine, and joyful home and life for any child with every opportunity possible. If you decide to make an adoption plan, we also want to assure you that we promise to respect you and your desires for openness and contact with us and your child. Though we do not know you yet, we love and respect you. You are a courageous survivor who is deeply valued and precious.

We live in a home tucked away in a quiet neighborhood on the south side of Bloomington and our dream for this place has always been to share it with a child. We desire for our home to be a welcoming space for any person who walks through its doors. From hosting cookouts and bonfires in our back yard to intentional conversations over tea and coffee with friends, we value giving our home as a space for people to experience love and friendship. While we have used our home to host many different kinds of people, we also have found a lot of personal rest there. We enjoy hiking, biking, camping, playing games, and being involved in our community together.

We met as Undergraduate students at Indiana University in 2006 and got to know each other through mutual friends, service projects, tennis, and long walks with good conversation. As our friendship deepened, so did our love for one another, which led to the day we decided to become lifelong best friends and lovers; May 16th, 2009 (our wedding day). Since then, we have sought to share life together to the full and have seen our friendship and love for each other refine and deepen- a gift for which we are deeply thankful!

I, Ben, have worked as a counseling minister for the past 4 years, first for a counseling center and now on the Indiana University campus with the ministry where Nicole and I originally met. It's an investment, but the opportunity to carefully listen to another person's story, and help them find comfort in their struggles, is good work that is worth doing. Before coming on staff with my campus ministry, I invested 2 years as a social worker, helping teenage guys on probation and families at risk. This last year, I've started to study computer programming and data science at Indiana University, pursuing a fascination with software development.

I, Nicole, find that one of my greatest joys and passions is journeying alongside children and their parents as they explore learning musical instruments. For the last 4 years, I have owned a music studio in Bloomington and have also volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, providing free violin classes to young students in need. I also love collaborating with other artists in Bloomington. I am part of a chamber choir and local theatre productions. I mostly enjoy working with other artists to raise awareness for important organizations and issues with the arts.

In 2012, we decided to start trying to expand our family as we love children and wanted to share our home and love with them. Adoption was always a way we imagined expanding our family, but because of Nicole's endometriosis which put a limited timeline on her ability to carry children, we decided to try getting pregnant first. Unfortunately, we lost several children by miscarriage and also struggled with infertility between these times. In 2017, after a time of grieving, we decided we would love to open our hearts, family, and home to any infant in need of parenting and adoption.

We love living in Bloomington and enjoy the community that we have found here. We are surrounded by people who desire to express hospitality and enjoy all of our diverse cultural backgrounds. We enjoy taking walks on the city trail, walking around IU’s campus, enjoying the array of ethnic restaurants, collaborating with friends on various projects to benefit our city, travelling, and backpacking in the gorgeous parks that surround Bloomington. We also find a lot of rest at home in our loft, curled up together on the couch and watching a good movie or reading a good book. We are part of a wonderful church family in Bloomington that not only has helped us through some of our most difficult times, but has also brought us deep joy.

As we wait for the Lord's will to be done both in our lives as well as yours, we are actively praying. We pray that you would receive supportive counsel, physical care, and thoughtful wisdom as you process through the options of what will be best for you and your child. We pray for strength and tangible reassurance that you are not alone and that you are deeply Loved. We also pray for your child. For good health and development in your womb. We pray your child will receive reassurance that he/she was knit together (just as we all are) in God's image and timing and with His intentional purpose.

We hope that you will consider reaching out to meet us and learn more. We would be honored to learn about you and explore a relationship with you and support you along this journey.


Ben and Nicole