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Miles and Silva

Atlanta, Georgia


(770) 455-7111

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Dear Birth Parents,

We are Miles and Silvia. We want to give you a brief introduction to our story. First of all, we want to thank you for considering our profile. Miles and I meet on December of 2008. Since there we fall in love with each other and we never been apart. We been married 4 years now. We start trying to get pregnant 2 years ago but in 2015 Silvia was diagnosed with Cancer stage 1, now she is cancer free. Silvia had a hysterectomy by the end of 2015. This sad episode in our lives is not stopping our desire to grow our family. We believe God has a better plan for us, and we strongly believe that adoption is a beautiful opportunity for us to be parents.

We also want to let you know much admiration we have for you, your strength and being able to make such a difficult and selfless decision. We want to assure you that we won’t let you down. We will fill the baby’s life with love and care. We promise you to lead by example with the family values that our parents instilled in us. We will make sure that the baby learns and sees all the precious gifts and all the love that God has for us. We also promise you to keep you in our prayers and ask God always for you well-being.

We are so blessed to have this opportunity to create a family through adoption. Our faith and patience has led us to understand that this journey is part of God’s plan for our lives. I hope you will consider us to adopt your child and we promise you from the bottom of our hearts that we take an amazing care of your precious little one providing a loving home, an extended family and all our love.

We hope our video and pictures provided to you with some insight into our life. We will be honored if we can have the possibility of meeting you. Please know that no matter what you decide, we will be keep you in our prayers.

Miles & Silvia