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Sam and Julianie

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Dear expectant parents,

First of all, thank you for your consideration. We hope that viewing this profile will help clearly describe our family. We don't know your situation right now. We don't pretend to understand what you are going through. Here is what we know; you have a desire to find a home for your baby and we have a desire to find a baby for our home. We hope this profile helps convince you that our home is the right home for your baby.

We have known each other since high school. We have tried to have children for many years. Julianie has reproductive difficulties. This is the reason we are growing our family through adoption. We just want to be parents. All of our siblings have children of their own.  We have always had a desire to raise children even before our siblings started having children. It has always been a little frustrating and repetitive for us when we got together for family events. It never fails, someone at the gathering would ask “when are you having kids?” or “why don't you have kids yet?” or “what are you waiting for?”

My wife and I are very much in love, however, we are missing something. We are missing that opportunity and responsibility of raising a child. So we thank you again for taking the time to view our profile and learn about us. If you choose us, we give you our word we will do our part as parents so that this child has no lack in love and character and has every opportunity to be prosperous.

We both were born here in the USA. Julianie was born in Bronx, NY. I was born in Milwaukee, WI. We are of Hispanic Ethnicity (Puerto Rico). Mainly half our family lives in Wisconsin and the other half lives in Puerto Rico. We love our family and visit as must as we can.

We both attended the same high school where we met. After high school, we both went to college. Julianie studied Medical assistant and I studied Electrical Engineering. Julianie works in a great family practice clinic. I work in the web handling industry as a controls engineer. We both love what we do. Over the years we have and continue to enjoy what life has to offer. This includes family activities both indoor and outdoor.

From Sam about Julianie

I have known Julianie since we were teenagers. Even though she isn't a mother yet she has always been a mother figure to her siblings. She will make a great mother because she has had a great head start in her youth. Julianie takes great care of our home. She is a great cook. Julianie has a great smile and it is one of the great pleasures I enjoy every day.

From Julianie, about Sam

As long as I can remember, Sam has been my rock. He's kind, thoughtful, hardworking, athletic, very funny and caring. He loves the adventure of the outdoors. I love that every day we both grow much closer with God and with each other. Watching him with the kids and how he teaches them, guides them and talks to them, I know he will be an excellent father.

Family and culture is very important to us, we spend a lot of our time with them. Our family is fluent in Spanish. The child would learn more than one language. Our family is very excited and awaits for the new addition to our family.

We have a warm home and friendly neighborhood. We are a block away from a parkway. Plenty of field to play in. We have a good variety of neighbors surrounding us. We have several retired couples and several families with kids and teenagers. We are in a great neighborhood to raise children in. Our home is warm and spacious and is ready to welcome the blessing of a child.

We look forward to meeting with you and hearing your story. We also look forward to answering questions you may have about us.

Facts About Our Family

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