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Daniel and Rebekah

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Dear Expectant Parent(s), 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us.  We are honored and grateful that you would consider us to be your child’s adoptive family.  We can only begin to imagine all that you must be going through and the different emotions you must be feeling.  We pray for you often that God guides and gives you peace in this process.  He has a plan for you and your baby.  

Adoption has always had a special place in our hearts. It is a part of both of our families. Dan’s Aunt and Uncle adopted their three children.  Rebekah’s Mom as a single parent, made an adoption plan for her first daughter.  We’ve had the privilege of meeting her along with her adoptive parents and staying in contact.  We even talked early on about growing our family through this avenue one day.  We always thought we’d have children the natural way first and then pursue adoption.  When we discovered that we most likely wouldn’t be able to have biological children without medical intervention, we were heart broken but felt that this was confirmation that adoption was God’s plan for us.  We’re excited to be adopting and can’t wait to finally become parents!  It is our belief that no matter how a child comes to someone they are a blessing and that family is made by love.    

We met and quickly fell in love while working at a camp in Wisconsin and were married about a year and a half later in the spring of 2006.  Shortly after we were married we had the opportunity to move to WA and work as teachers in a Christian school.  We enjoy what we do and believe being school teachers has better prepared us for the journey of parenthood. 

Both of us come from loving, close-knit families.  Dan has a twin sister, and younger brother and Rebekah has 4 sisters and 3 brothers.  Currently we have 2 beautiful nieces and 7 fun loving nephews, with more on the way.  They are excited to have another cousin to run around and play with.  Most of our friends have young children as well and we can see our child fitting right in.   

Spending time with family and friends is important to us.  We enjoy playing games, watching football, or just sitting around the dinner table talking.  We are close with our church family as well.  They are a diverse group of families who love and serve Jesus.  Both of our families, our friends, and our church are all thrilled to welcome a child to our family through adoption!  We feel so blessed to have so many people surrounding us that are just as excited to welcome a new child to love on as we are.  They have been very supportive throughout this process and they are praying for you as well.

Our home is very spacious and located at the end of the school property.  It has been convenient to be able to walk to work and we are even able to come home for lunch every day.  How nice is that!  The property includes private play areas along with a sports court for volleyball and basketball.  When the weather is nice we like to enjoy time outside on our porch overlooking a field.  Sasha our American Eskimo, especially enjoys the space to be able to run.  There are quite a few stores, schools, and parks within walking distance from us.  It’s the perfect place for a child to flourish and grow.  Recently we turned one of our bedrooms into a nursery and it is all set up and ready for baby to come anytime.  Once a child does come, the plan is for Rebekah to be a stay-at-home mom, a dream she has always had.  

If you were to stop by, we’d most likely be listening to music, working on projects around the house, cooking together, playing with Sasha, or just cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix.  When the weather is nice, we like to get out and explore our beautiful state.  Some of the things we enjoy doing in our spare time is taking our dog for walks on trails near our home, hiking, going to sporting events, seeing Broadway shows, and taking our kayaks out on the water.  As teachers, we love having summers off to go camping on the coast, and to go on road trips to explore other parts of our country.  In our home we value love, family, forgiveness, second chances, compassion, encouragement, working hard, and having fun together.  There is so much we have to offer a child and we can’t wait to share life with them.

One of our hopes and prayers is to raise a child who is confident in how much they are loved by God and both their biological and adoptive parents.  We plan on telling our child their story from the very beginning, as much as they are able to understand at the time.  We will make sure they know of your love for them and the sacrifice you have made to give them their best life possible.  We plan to send regular updates and if you are open to it, hope that you might be able to continue to be a part of their life, so they can experience your love for them first hand.   

Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little about us.  We admire your courage and strength as you make this very difficult decision.  If you do choose us to parent your child, please know that you are an answer to our prayers and it would be the best gift that could ever be given to us.  We are praying for you and look forward to meeting you.  

With love, 

Dan and Rebekah

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