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Timothy and Dorothy

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Hi! J

We’re Tim and Dorothy. Thank you for viewing our profile! We hope it will give you a sense of who we are and what our daily life looks like, so you can feel confidence and peace in whatever decision you make. Our first priority is the best possible outcome for your baby and for you. And if that means God leads you to us, we will be more excited than we could ever express. ♥

How We Met: Though we grew up in the same suburb of DC and attended the same high school, Tim and I (Dorothy) didn’t meet until 2003, when we were finishing college. A friend invited me to a young adult Bible study, where Tim & I talked and hit it off right away. Two of our favorite dates involved getting coffee together and going for jogs. The coffee thing is as alive as ever. The jogging… maybe not as much. J

What Dorothy Loves about Tim (by Dorothy): When I first met Tim, he had just come back from a trip to help special needs orphans in Ukraine, and he was the only young person who had gone on the trip. I was so impressed by that. It showed me his compassion for people, no matter what their circumstances. It also showed me that he had unusual commitment and character – not all 23-year-old guys would take an international trip with a bunch of middle aged people, all to help take care of needy children. And once I had the chance to talk to him, I saw immediately how funny and real he is, how considerate he is. The first time I rode in his car, I noticed that he turned down the radio when I started talking, so that he could hear me better. I was seriously impressed! And all of these traits have continued throughout our marriage; I could never have imagined a more awesome husband, and I am excited still to be doing life with him every day. Seeing him as a father has only added to my love and respect for him. He is playful, tender, hilarious, protective, & sweet with our daughter. It’s such a joy to see them together! ♥

What Tim Loves about Dorothy (by Tim): Dorothy has a real understanding of Christ’s patient mercy and love. Her understanding of his love has been shown clearly in the way that she loves me with patience and kindness. I also love Dorothy’s commitment to her family. This is clear in how she loves to gather everyone together throughout the year but especially at birthdays and holidays (most of all, Christmas). Her commitment to family is especially manifest in her care for Amelia. I was so impressed that during Amelia’s first year of life, with so many late nights, Dorothy was always willing to sacrifice for her. Dorothy loves to joke, to laugh, to enjoy a good meal and yet can also hold an intelligent and serious conversation. She is more than I could have asked for or imagined and I look forward to what Christ has in store for us in the future.

When We Became Parents: We got married in March 2005 and became parents through adoption 11 years later, when our daughter Amelia was born in January 2016. She is a delight! She learns new things every day and is so excited about life! Her adorable sense of humor already gives us frequent belly laughs, and we love watching as her unique and beautiful personality emerges more and more. She is a blessing, and we are confident that she will be a great big sister. We also think it will be special and helpful for her and her next sibling to share their adoption stories and be able to support each other. ♥

How We Feel About Adoption Openness: We are totally willing to have an open adoption agreement. We will want what is best for everyone involved, and we’ll always respect and care about any parent(s) who place(s) their child with us in the future.

What Daily Life Looks Like for Us: Tim and I (Dorothy) have pretty flexible schedules, and we spend regular quality time together as a family. I plan to stay home with our child(ren) until they are old enough to attend school, and I love getting that one-on-one time with our daughter each day. Tim is the pastor of a church that’s only a block away from our house. He loves playing chase with Amelia, showing her new tricks she can do with her toys, and taking our family on day trips. Most days we have breakfast and dinner together as a family, and we try to plan something fun to do together on Mondays (Tim’s day off).

One of our parenting goals is to introduce our kids to a wide variety of activities, so that they can discover what they love to do. For example, we take Amelia to one or two activities a week at the library or rec center. She also loves her Toddler Class at church, where she has many friends. Tim & I look forward to traveling as a family too, once our kids are old enough to enjoy it. J

We hope this letter has given you a helpful snapshot of who we are. We wish you all the best as you make your decision! 

~ With love in Christ from Tim & Dorothy (& Amelia)

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