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Thomas and Jena

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Hi! We are so excited and so nervous to be writing this letter. Capturing our feelings and personality in words and pictures is hard! But we are thrilled that you have found us and are considering us as adoptive parents for your child. Growing our family through adoption has been a dream of ours since we started dating in high school. Thomas is adopted and since establishing an open relationship with his birth father in his teen years, we have witnessed the love and joy that can come from unexpected circumstances. During our pregnancy with our son, Benjamin, Jena had serious complications that prevent us from having more children biologically. We feel God has laid adoption in our path to again witness the love and joy of unexpected circumstances. We would love the chance to meet you and learn about your story. You are the beginning of your child’s story and as adoptive parents it would be a blessing to honor you and share the joys of this new child with you. Thank you for giving the gift of life to this precious child. We praise God for your strength and the love you are already showing this new child and ask Him to provide you with peace and guidance in your decision. With love in Christ, Thomas and Jena

Facts About Our Family

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# of Pets:2
Pets:Cora is our 5 year old Calico Cat and Gracie is our 10month old Bernese Mountain Dog.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

Marriage/Activities: We started dating in high school and never looked back. We love being each other’s best friend, and have so many shared memories from all our time together. We’ve been married now for eight years, and we enjoy each new adventure together. We enjoy traveling to visit friends and family, and have tried to take a trip every year to explore somewhere new. We spend a lot of time outdoors playing at parks, hiking, and swimming. We also appreciate relaxing and taking breaks from busy schedules to enjoy cooking family dinners, playing games and snuggling up to watch movies. Why we want to build our family through adoption: Since dating, we knew adoption was important to both of us. Thomas was adopted, and it has been a blessing that has enriched our lives by bringing together different backgrounds, people and stories. Then, we were blessed with our biological son, Benjamin, but Jena’s pregnancy involved a serious complication that will prevent us from having more children. We believe God laid adoption on our hearts for a reason, and it will be an incredible blessing to share and grow our family this way. Adoption openness with birthparent: We want to have a relationship with you, if this is something you would like. We are open to meeting annually and sending regular updates or setting up a blog with pictures, videos and lots of good stories. Discussing adoption with the child: We want to be fully transparent and approachable for any questions our child may have about you. We will always emphasize that they are loved by us and by you. Our general ideas about child-rearing and discipline: We believe in letting children experience and explore life to the fullest, and we will be there to lovingly correct them when they need guidance. We emphasize love, dialogue and relationships when disciplining and working through any conflicts. Our plans for child care: We both work so our children will be in daycare during the day. We love are current daycare! Experiences and opportunities that we feel are important to provide our children: We want our children to experience life through play, friends, family, church and nature. We believe in providing a good education and are also grateful to our family members who are already helping us save for our children’s college educations should they want to pursue that path in the future. Church denomination/significance of spiritual beliefs in family life: We both grew up as Methodists, but have since become active in our local Presbyterian Church. Our faith is ever-growing and we believe in nurturing it with prayer, scripture reading, fellowship and loving everyone we meet in our day-to-day lives. We want to teach our children by setting good examples for them to follow and showing them what Christ’s love looks like in the world.

About Thomas


More About Thomas

Thomas is one of the most kindhearted and patient people I have ever met. His sense of humor won me over in high school and it’s still going strong. These days he’s using his goofy side to make up silly songs and dances for our son, and always has the typical “dad joke” waiting for just the right moment. He has a passion for adventure and has honestly made my life more exciting than I could have ever imagined. We love to travel, and since I have zero sense of direction, I’m always at ease with him leading the way. I love his heart for helping others, especially the time he devotes to advocating for children who come from troubled or complicated backgrounds. He is a great listener and you know you’re cared for when he’s around. We both come from a “beautifully messy” family and I thank God for blessing me with a lifelong friend who can help me see that beauty everyday.

About Jena


More About Jena

Jena always puts other people before herself. Imagine you were in a room with hundreds of people, when suddenly you noticed that someone needed help—Jena would be the first person to notice and respond. It always amazes me, and she goes above and beyond in every way. She is definitely the hero of our family. When we're tired, she's the one who picks up the slack and keeps us going. When one of us is sick, she is the perfect, loving caretaker. And whenever I'm down or having a hard time with something, she is always there to encourage and lift me up. She's also an incredibly creative artist. From painting and sculpting to graphic design—she can do anything and fills our lives with beauty and creativity. But most of all, I'm just glad God has designed our life together, because it has been the ultimate blessing.

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