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Chris and Amanda

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Our names are Amanda, Chris, and Isaac. Thank you for considering our profile. We were married in 2007 and our son, Isaac, was born in 2011. Our dream for our family is to have another child. We tried to have another child but were unable to conceive again. After we brought this desire to God, we felt that He called us to pursue adoption. Chris is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, and I'm an at home mom. Chris has degrees in engineering, but aspires to be an artist and inventor in his free time. He is the Assistant Den Leader for Isaac's Cub Scout den. I taught high school English and was a technical writer. I have a degree in journalism and a teaching certification. I love to read, participate in Bible studies, and volunteer at Isaac's school. Isaac is in elementary school and loves LEGOs, drawing, and playing survival skills outside. He's excited to be a big brother and wants to teach his sibling how to read and talk. Chris and I are teaching Isaac's Sunday School class. Our favorite family activities are backyard campfires, bike rides, camping, and learning and exploring new places. We prefer open adoption, since we feel that this provides the best opportunity for the child to feel comfortable with the adoption process and how we are truly bringing our families together. We hope that you will consider us for the next steps. We believe that God is writing our adoption story and are excited for our family to grow.

Facts About Our Family

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About Chris

More About Chris

*Kind and has great empathy for people *Great at problem solving and details (Amanda is not) *Enjoys volunteering at Cub Scouts with our son *Loves hobbies that allow him to be creative: rock collecting and cutting, leatherwork, welding, knife-making and 3-D printing *Enjoys gardening, fishing, and camping *Enjoys history including his family's genealogy and being a member of the Sons of the American Revolution *Enjoys cooking yummy Chinese and Indian food and is also a master at grilling *Officer in the military but has the heart of an artist and creator *Sci-fi and history movie lover *Leader of the family, father who teaches our son responsibility but can also be silly and fun

About Amanda

More About Amanda

* Partner, care-giver, best friend! * Empathetic and friendly; someone to trust and confide in * Honest, tells it how it is and holds others accountable * Enjoys doing acts of service for others and being part of a community * Strong in her faith; very disciplined in daily Bible study * All things tea: collecting, brewing, drinking, hosting tea parties * Avid reader who enjoys fiction, non-fiction, humor, historical drama * Foodie and travel enthusiast; likes adventures and new experiences * Relationship-focused, prioritizes people * Talented writer, editor, teacher * Teaches English as second language classes to people in our community * Socializes with local moms through neighborhood meetup groups

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