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Brian and Heidi

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Dear Birth-family,

As we prepared a profile about our family and thought about what adoption has meant to us, we realized that through all of the pictures we assembled and memories we revisited, a fun and loving relationship was at the heart of it all.  

Having been through the adoption process, we know that your decision to choose adoption may be difficult and choosing the right parents to raise your child may be even more so. While we aim to show you the kind of family we are and how we can love and care for your child, please know that we will always respect you and the choices you are making.

We hope as you read on, you enjoy learning a little bit about us and the joy and fulfillment adoption has already brought to us.

Our Family
We began dating in the fall of 2001 while in college.  After several moves along the east coast, we settled in Boston and married in 2008.  We then headed south to Northern Virginia where we have been since 2009.  We always knew we wanted children, and after years of trying to conceive, we realized God was calling us to adopt.  Our daughter Josephine ("Joey") was born in the fall of 2015, and she has added so much joy and fulfillment to our lives that we can't wait to do it all over again.

Our Neighborhood
We live on a culdesac in a large subdivision where children and families are always outside playing catch, riding bikes, or taking their dogs for walks.  We're within walking distance to schools and playgrounds as well as a neighborhood pool. 

What I love about Brian by Heidi

I have always loved Brian’s outgoing, talkative nature.  He can make conversation with anyone whether they've just met or have been friends for 20 years. Brian is patient and hard-working, and while his work is important to him, when he comes home his focus is on his family.  He always knows when I need a hand, need a laugh or just need a hug.  What I love most about Brian though is that he's such a caring and doting father to our daughter.

What I love about Heidi by Brian

I love that Heidi is a devoted and loving mom. She's nurturing and attentive to Joey's needs whether it's reading to her, playing games or enjoying quiet time together. I love that Heidi is a planner - always looking forward and getting ready for the next task or big adventure.  She is also a wonderful cook who can bake some incredibly tasty pies.  She supports me in every way possible and she challenges me to be a better man, husband and father every day.

Most of all, I love that even after 15 years of knowing each other, dating, and being married, she continues to surprise and amaze me with her playfulness, wit, kindness and affection. I'm so thankful and blessed to be married to her. 

Thank You
Perhaps like us, adoption wasn't the path you intended.  What an amazing journey it's become though for our family.  We've experienced heartbreak as well as overwhelming love and joy along this path and now couldn't imagine our lives without the blessings of adoption. 

While we can't begin to understand your feelings, we'd like you to know that we sincerely thank and admire you for considering adoption.  We would be truly honored to join together our adoption journeys.

Brian and Heidi

Facts About Our Family

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