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Anthony and Cara

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Dear Birth Parent, I hope this letter finds you loved and at peace. Please know that we sincerely care about you during this difficult time in your life. My heart is filled with excitement over what God has planned for us. My husband and I have been married for 12yrs but found each other over 20yrs ago. I have always felt a very close, deep connection to Anthony, God has blessed me with my soulmate. We haven’t let our struggle with infertility hurt our relationship, in fact it has brought us closer together! I have so many hopes and dreams for this child but most importantly I want them to discover their purpose and gifts in life, and to use those gifts to their fullest potential. I hope that he or she become the absolute best version of their self. I want them to have a colorful life, surrounded by many wonderful experiences. Anthony and I love to travel and look forward to the day we can explore new places as a family. I love to create art and look for beauty in everything. This child will be given a blank canvas and the freedom their self in different ways. We will be sure to nurture their creative side, whatever that may be. My hope is that this child grows up to be a loving, kind-hearted, thoughtful and caring person. My relationship with Anthony will serve as an example to the child of how to love and respect yourself and others and show compassion to those in need. Our faith will be the foundation to help them build a solid relationship with God. We are ready to welcome our first child with arms and hearts wide open and an endless amount of love, hugs, kisses….and we can’t forget the tickles!!! But we don’t want to stop with just one child, we would like to grow as a family and would so love to have this child experience the joy of having brothers and sisters. I can’t wait for the day when we hear the little pitter-patters of a little one running around the house and the love this child will bring to our family. I thank God every day for your courage, selflessness and, most importantly, your choice of life for this child. I recently came across this saying, “the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest, most beautiful of all.” You are the “flower” that blooms in adversity. May God bless you, we will always keep you in our hearts and prayers. With heartfelt gratitude, I thank you for looking at our profile. Thank you, Cara Dear Birth Parent, You are amazing person who has made the best decision for you and your child at this point in your life. Thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents for your child. Before I met Cara, my wife, I asked God to bless me with the woman I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. That was 20yrs ago and we love each more today than yesterday. Throughout our adoption journey I have prayed and asked God to bless our family with the child who is meant to be with us. I know he will answer my prayers again!! Cara and I will love your child with all our hearts and do everything we can to give them all the opportunities they need to succeed in life. Your child will also be generously loved by grandparents, many aunts and uncles and playful cousins. Our extended families are in Chicago, so your child will also get the experience road trips with our cat, Winston, and dog, Clementine, (they love to travel with us) and those “mild” Chicago winters when we travel there to celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving. Over the years I worked hard in order to be in a position to support my family without Cara having to work because we both thought it was important for her to be home with the kids. Even though I do have a lot of responsibilities at work I am lucky enough to work from home most days, so I will be able to spend quality time with the baby as well. I am eagerly looking forward to being a positive, loving male role model to a daughter or son. I grew up playing many sports like baseball, basketball and soccer but also had an older sister and 3 female cousins who I spent a lot of time with so I’m no stranger to playing dress-up or with dolls. My most important wish for this child is that they feel unconditionally loved for who they truly are, because with that love they will be confident to chase their dreams and accomplish amazing things! Thank you, Anthony

Facts About Our Family

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# of Pets:2
Pets:Winston is our 8yr old (soon to be 9) Ragdoll cat. He is a sweet boy who loves taking cat naps and chasing his mouse ball toy! Winston never misses a meal!! Clementine is our 2yr old (almost 3) Great Pyrenees/Komondor dog. She is very loving and protective of her family and neighborhood. She is great with young children and goal is to have her certified as a therapy dog so we can take her to hospitals and work with children who have learning disabilities. Clementine LOVES to play and get her belly rubbed!!
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

We recently renovated our one-story, 3-bedroom brick ranch which sits on a beautiful one-acre lot surrounded by mature trees and a babbling brook running through our backyard. It is perfect for bonfires, looking up at the stars and watching wildlife like turtles, deer, fox, ducks and herons. There are many great neighbors that have become good friends over the years – they are very supportive and kind. We live just down the street from a wonderful elementary school and see parents walking their youngsters to and from school. We feel very lucky to be part of such a friendly community. We are both Catholic and attend mass every Sunday and take part in all of the Catholic holidays. Now that we are done with our house renovation we plan to volunteer through parish sponsored activities. Cara has a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. She also minored in both Art and Business Management. Anthony has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and has taken some graduate level courses. Cara is homemaker and enjoys taking care of our two pets – Winston and Clementine. Anthony is a Director of Software Asset Management and manages a team of 20. Cara enjoys traveling fitness and nutrition, photography, sewing, jewelry making and home decorating and design. Anthony likes to travel, attending sporting events, collecting sports memorabilia, listening to music, home design/renovation and training Clementine. CHILD CARE PLANS (AFTER PLACEMENT): Cara will stay at home full-time with the child. Anthony works from home most days but does have both paternity leave and 5 weeks of vacation available. OPENNESS AFTER PLACEMENT: We want what is best for the child, so we’re flexible on the level of openness with the birth family. We hope that the relationship develops naturally and are prepared for the number of visits and level of communication to change as the relationship grows. We are open to in person visits once every 3 months and plan on sharing lots of pictures as often as we can.

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