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Daniel and Jane

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We are so excited to share our family profile with you! God has blessed us with a ton of joy and love. We want to extend that outward. Adopting is something we have wanted to do for a while, even before we had Micah and Molly. We see adoption as a way to share God's great love with others and to be a real help where it is needed. We are thrilled at the prospect of welcoming another child into our home, as well as extending welcome and love to you, the birth parents! We aren't perfect, but we are willing. By God's grace, we have a lot of love to share. So we invite you to look through this profile and see whether we fit your desires for your little one. We hope that you can see a family that truly enjoys one another, laughs together, and loves each other. If you were to take a peek inside our house on a typical day you would probably find what we like to call "joyful chaos." When Micah and Molly wake up, the play begins and doesn't stop until bedtime. Typically Dan sticks around through breakfast and then heads off to work. The kids play all over the house while Jane attempts some chores. We read a lot together, play a lot of pretend, do art projects, play outside and build things. On school days, Dan plays with Molly while Jane teaches Micah and another student. Afternoons are a little more quiet since Molly sleeps and Micah has a quiet time. Dan comes home around dinner time. As soon as the kids hear the garage door they race to hide. Dan's first task upon walking in the door is to find them (usually they're giggling under a blanket). Dinner is noisy and messy and fun. We always ask each other what our favorite part of the day was, and it's fun to hear each others responses. After dinner we have our bedtime routine which includes reading the Bible, singing, and dancing. Once the kids are in bed Dan and Jane can relax and catch up. Our days are crazy but we wouldn't trade it for anything! Church life is also extremely important to us. Our church is our spiritual family. Gathering weekly with them to learn from God's word is a big priority. Our goal is to be a home that loves Jesus and helps others know how wonderful he is, and how precious his church is. We want our kids to know and love Jesus. And we spend a lot of time helping teenagers learn about and love Jesus.

Facts About Our Family

Location:Eastern South Dakota
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
State:South Dakota
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