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Paul and Michele

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Throughout our relationship, God has placed a love for children and the desire to become parents on our hearts. God creates families differently, and He has a perfect plan for us through adoption. We hope His plan is fulfilled by your selfless act of love for your child. Our promise to you and your child: Your child will grow up in a Christian home, knowing God's unconditional love through us, our families, and the church. We will be your child's greatest advocate and cheerleader throughout their life. Your child will know of their adoption story, and you will be represented with love and honor. We desire and will encourage your child to have a continuing relationship with you. Thank you for getting to know us and considering us as prospective parents for your child. We are faithful and pray that God will provide you with strength and wisdom needed as you plan for your child's future. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Facts About Our Family

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# of Pets:1
Pets:We have one dog named Rusty. Rusty joined our family in the fall of 2009 when he was 3 months old. He is a Shih-tzu/Yorkie mix. Rusty has a social and easy-going nature which makes him great with children. He loves going for walks, car rides, naps, snuggles and treats!
Neighborhood: Country
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

We both grew up in Christian homes. We met when Michele's family began to attend the same church as Paul's family. After many years of being in the same Sunday school class and youth group, we became close friends after graduating high school. As our friendship bloomed, so did our feelings for each other. Paul told Michele, "I love you" on August 21st. We still celebrate this day as, "Happy I Love You Day!" After 5 years of dating, Paul proposed to Michele at the Baltimore Aquarium. We've been married since the summer of 2008. Our marriage is built upon love, faith, trust, friendship, and our commitment to each other and our families. Together we love going to the beach on family vacations, monthly trips to Longwood Gardens, going for walks with Rusty at local parks, as well as, long weekend or day trips such as exploring the many museums and monuments of Washington D.C. We live in a rural neighborhood on a quiet side street. Our neighborhood has children of various ages. We live close to our church, a local library, parks with playgrounds, schools, and a community pool. Our families live close by and we are blessed to be able to visit with them often. It also allows us to spend time with both of our families on holidays. Each of our families are eager to welcome a little one into the family.

About Paul

More About Paul

Paul is not only my husband, but my best friend. Paul works hard to provide for our family working as a security technician full time Monday through Friday. Since childhood, Paul has loved working with his hands and figuring out how things work. Paul is helpful around the house whether helping me cook dinner, washing dishes, helping with the laundry or cleaning. He constantly reminds me that we are a team and we work together. Working together as a team is one of our greatest strengths as a couple. Paul always knows how to put a smile on my face and has a great sense of humor. He cheers me up when I am having a bad day. There is never a dull moment with him! Paul is very close to his own family but also loves my family as his own. I love his dedication to our families and willingness to help out whenever needed. Even before we were married, I saw Paul's love and dedication to our families. I love watching how interactive and loving Paul is with our niece and nephews. Whether he is playing Barbies with our niece or having Nerf wars with our nephews, he makes a point to show them his love. He will be an amazing father one day. I know he will show a child unconditional love as he does for me. In Paul's spare time he likes to go hunting with my Dad, watch sports on TV, plant a garden in the summer, take walks with our dog, go to the movies or work on various projects around the house.

About Michele


More About Michele

Michele is first and foremost my best friend. I am very blessed that she is my wife! Her love, support, and encouragement truly makes any bad day I may have disappear. She always seems to know when I need a hug or just how to make me laugh. Her sense of humor and silliness makes our home full of laughter. She excels in being organized. She always knows where something is, or what day and time we are to be somewhere. She creates monthly calendars because she knows it easily keeps me up to date. Michele enjoys cooking. We both grew up in families that valued eating dinner as a family. She makes it a priority that we do the same in our home each night. She enjoys making meals for our families throughout the year. Michele likes to find new recipes to try and will also accept my occasional request for a pie or dessert. I am always amazed at her creativeness. She has many crafting talents from her love of crocheting clothes, blankets, and stuffed animals to using our photographs and transforming them into memorable scrapbooks. My family always enjoys looking at her scrapbooks when we get together. The way she can visualize the final product, and put it all together, still surprises me each time. When I listen to Michele's excitement of her interactions with the students she teaches, see the special bonds she creates with our niece and nephews, and her commitment to our families, it confirms my belief of how awesome of a mother Michele will be to a child one day.

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