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Patrick and Elisa

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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Thank you for your time and consideration. We join our thoughts and prayers with yours as you carefully consider how to make plans.  We are humbled to have this opportunity to share a bit about ourselves with you.

At the age of 17, we bonded over shared interests in music and the outdoors, and we have been together ever since. We went to universities in different states, studied and lived overseas, and then began developing our careers in Washington, DC. After 8 years of an adventure-filled relationship, we decided to marry. Fast forward another 8 years, and we're still laughing, still admiring each other, and still finding beauty and adventure in our marriage.

Today we live adjacent to our family farm which Elisa co-manages with her brother.  Our farm is surrounded by rolling hills and neighboring farms, and yet we live only minutes away from theatres, restaurants, attractions, and an urban center with all the benefits that diverse communities provide, including a well-respected university where Patrick teaches. 

On the farm, we have cows, goats, chickens, pigs, kittens, and a friendly border collie who loves to play fetch.  There are baby calves to bottle feed, vegetables to harvest, flowers to pick, and eggs to collect. It’s a beautiful place where children can run, grow, and learn. 

What I admire about Elisa (written by Patrick)

Elisa is loving, attentive to others, and loyal. She shows her love by acts of service throughout the day, both large and small. She brings out the best in the people around her (including me), by leading through example and being willing to do difficult tasks with humility and humor. Perhaps most important, I admire her faithfulness and consistent love.

What I Admire in Patrick (written by Elisa)

Patrick is positive, faithful, and friendly. His affection, wisdom, and ability to find humor in each day are all attributes that bring much joy into our marriage. Patrick demonstrates his commitment to our shared household through kind words and timely contributions, such as making dinner, listening to my concerns, grocery shopping, or covering a milking shift in the barn for me. Patrick's genuine love and concern for others shines brightly.

Our Journey

We've always desired to build a family. Throughout our years of dating and marriage, we shared an openness to adopting and/or becoming foster parents, in part influenced by family history. Elisa's maternal grandfather was informally adopted at the age of nine by a couple without children, and her brother-in-law was adopted as an infant. Elisa's paternal grandparents fostered more than twenty infants and children. Patrick's great-grandmother informally adopted her two siblings.

Our interest in adoption was further solidified as we journeyed with infertility. We encountered loss and pain in ways that words cannot describe, and our hearts yearned for someone we could not hold. Amidst the struggle, we did find peace in our journey, contentment with our reality, and hope in whatever the future may bring. We've seen our marriage strengthen and our desire to build a family increase.

Our goal is to raise children with a life of faith in a Catholic/Christian home and to help ground them with a sense of meaning, purpose and ultimate destiny in life. We want to share our love for the outdoors, for animals, for gardening, and for good food by raising them on our farm. We embrace people of all backgrounds and cultures through our friendships, reaching out to strangers, attending cultural events, travel, and other opportunities. We aspire to give our children the gift of stability, unconditional love, curiosity about the world around them, a healthy sense of self, a love for music and dancing, and a desire for learning.

We hope to fill our home with much laughter and joy, love and compassion so that we, as a family, can navigate whatever twists and turns we might encounter in this journey called life.

We are grateful to you for reading this, and join ourselves closely to you in desiring, above all, what is best for the precious child that you carry within your heart.

Facts About Our Family

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