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Matt and Jessi

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Life's a journey and we're ready to go on it with you! Hello - We are Matt and Jessi from PA. We have a great amount of respect for you because of the tremendous courage and selflessness you're showing during this challenging situation. We hope by checking out our profile, you'll find comfort in knowing how much we love each other and are ready to love a little one. We are excited about taking this journey together with you. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We offer our sincere support and prayers for a sense of peace in making this decision. We look forward to meeting you soon! The Story of Us: We met in 2001 during college and started dating that following summer. At the time Jessi didn't have a car so Matt drove 3 hrs. 1 way to visit her at home and then drove 3 hrs. back home that same night, week after week after week. Jessi fell in love with Matt for his dedication to her, his interest in her family, and his awesome personality. Matt fell in love with Jessi for how she made him feel loved and respected during that same summer and whispered it to her but she didn't hear it. He thought she didn't feel the same way but days later, Jessi told him she loved him and he knew it was going to be the love of a lifetime. Dating long-distance for 7 yrs. through college, graduate school, and our 1st jobs allowed us to solidify our bond and experience life together as a couple. Why We're Choosing Adoption: Children have always been part of our future plans. Jessi developed a heart for adoption early in life whereas Matt's heart began to focus on adoption after God spoke specifically to him on a number of occasions that he was to create a family through adoption. We have several friends and family members that have been part of the adoption process either as birthparents or as adoptive parents. They are encouraging us, praying with us, and have helped provide a great basis of emotional support. As a couple, we have been praying for strength in our marriage, in our relationship with God, and for you.

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:1
Pets:We have a sweet little black and white cat named Maple. She is 2 years old and loves playing and being outdoors.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

Jessi enjoys yoga and nature; Matt enjoys movies and woodworking. Matt was raised in the city; Jessi was raised in the countryside. Jessi comes from a small family; Matt comes from a large family. We love to travel and can't wait to bring a new little one along with us on the journey. We are actively involved in church activities and are known as the kids games experts.

About Matt


More About Matt

During free time, Matt can be found relaxing at home, watching a movie, trying a new restaurant, or visiting family and friends. He enjoys spending time in his workshop and working on home projects. Matt developed a love for children when he babysat his siblings and the neighborhood kids as a child. He is eager to raise children by pairing his obedience to God with his attentive, playful personality. Matt is a tender-hearted person and it shows in his relationships with others. What Jessi Loves About Matt: - Funny and likes to be silly with children - Provider for our family - Loves deeply and unconditionally - VERY patient - Strong sense of self - Dedicated to carrying out God's will - Dependable, makes wise decisions - Talented woodworker and loves to do home improvement projects - Always open to learning

About Jessi


More About Jessi

Jessi is known for being creative, friendly, and kind. She has a love for listening to, singing along with, and playing music. She likes visiting new places, perfecting her cooking and baking skills, and volunteering in her free time with several local organizations. At home she can most likely be found in the backyard garden with dirt under her fingernails. God created a love for adoption in Jessi's heart during adolescence when she realized the call to be a parent in this way. She is excited to become a mother. Many of her friends and family have children and she spends time watching and learning how to navigate parenting challenges from them. She cherishes the role of being an aunt to not only biological nieces and nephews but loved ones' children who affectionately call her "Aunt" Jessi as well! What Matt Loves About Jessi: - Loving and kind - Fun and adventurous - Creative, musically inclined, crafty - Has a heart for helping others - Loves the Lord - Dedicated wife, loving aunt, loyal friend - Excellent cook and gardener (flowers and veggies) - Loves being around children - Compassionate

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