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Brian and Kristen

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Thank you for checking out our profile and learning more about us! We admire your courage and generosity in choosing adoption. Your choice will bring the miracle of a child into a loving family’s life. We were high school sweethearts, dated throughout college, and have now been married for 15 years. We are still in love and have fun doing pretty much anything together, from cooking dinner to hiking in the mountains. (We even have the same birthday.) We are both college professors and Kristen spent years as an elementary and high school art teacher. Unable to have biological children of our own, we chose to adopt and welcome children into our family through love. Four years ago, two brave and loving birth parents chose adoption and brought our amazing daughter Lydia into the world. We thank God everyday that we are a family. We simply love her to the moon and back! Now, we are excited to expand our family once again and grow even larger in love. We love being parents and delight in the giggles, playfulness, messes, hugs, and discoveries of childhood. As our children grow, we will help them to pursue their passions and individuality. They will be loved unconditionally in our safe and supportive home.

Facts About Our Family

Location:Western Pennsylvania
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Children:Adopted Children

More About Our Family

As a family we love to play, celebrate, and learn. From planting a vegetable garden to making homemade Halloween costumes, baking giant octopus cakes, and having kiddo dance parties, we love to take time to be creative together. We spend lots of time outdoors hiking, going to playgrounds, and playing games or reading books together on our porch. We live in a lovely three-story home and are surrounded by friendly supportive neighbors and other young families. We know our neighbors by name and frequently share meals, have block parties, and spent time at each other's homes. Along with our extended families, we likes to go on adventures. Lydia adores visits with all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Together we go to the beach, the zoo, and baseball stadiums. We go on picnics, go fishing, and travel to museums. Mostly, we all relax together, share stories, eat good food, play games, and laugh. Together, we are all ready to love and guide another child through the world!

About Brian


More About Brian

Brian is a fantastic and committed dad. He is energetic, loving, reliable, intelligent, honest, and compassionate. He is also goofy, playful, and has an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm for adventure! He does a great job answering all of our daughter's questions and helping her to construct little science experiments, ride her bike, and even practice rhythm. He loves playing music, running marathons, exercising outdoors, observing wildlife, and spending time with friends. He is an esteemed college economics professor, known for his thoughtful research, mentoring to students, and frequent laughter. He's a great husband, dad, friend and overall fantastic guy.

About Kristen


More About Kristen

Kristen is a loving and enthusiastic mom who is always ready with crafts, activities, songs, and cuddles. She is smart, empathetic, creative, determined, friendly, patient and is tons of fun. When she reads with our daughter, she even gives all of the characters their own silly voices. Children totally adore her. Kristen is also an awesome artist who exhibits at dozens of museums and galleries. She is a beloved college art professor known for her insight, sense of humor, and calm caring nature. I have known her for over half of my life, and she still surprises me with her talents and abilities. Kristen simply never gives up and faces everything with compassion, spirit, and wisdom.

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