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Paul and Katy

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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to look through our profile. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome a child into our home through adoption and have been praying for you and the baby throughout the process. We love children. Our goal is to raise them to love and serve God and to help make the world a better place. About Paul and Katy: We work for the same company; Paul works as a Trader and Katy works part-time as a Project Engineer. We met through a mutual friend and our first date was to an evening church service. We quickly fell in love and were engaged 7 months later. We've been married for 4 years and have enjoyed starting to grow our family together. Our Family: We have a biological son named John Paul, "JP", who is three. JP was born very early and spent many months in the hospital before he came home. He is such a fun little boy to be around and will bring so much joy to his future siblings as their big brother. We know that as a big brother he will help teach his siblings determination, kindness, and compassion. We also have a Sheepadooodle puppy named Jack who is two years old. He is a very social puppy and is great with kids. Jack looks like a big teddy bear with his long hair! We live in a beautiful neighborhood and like to take bike rides and walks. We also like to play at the local parks. Most of the time, ice cream is part of our adventures. Why Adoption: We decided while dating that we wanted to have a big family and adoption has always been a desire of ours. Growing up, Katy’s family housed and unofficially adopted Sudanese teenagers. We’ve experienced the joy of continuing to have them in our family. What we will provide for your child: - A loving Catholic home. - A loving and supportive extended family with 22 cousins. - Fun family activities such as going to the park, using our zoo membership, taking walks and bike rides, going to sporting events, playing sports, and more! - Travel to fun places such as National Parks, beaches, and DISNEY!!! We look forward to adding more laughter and voices to our home and are excited to be able to do so through adoption. We hope you might consider us to become the adoptive parents for your child.

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About Paul (From Katy): I am very proud to be able to call Paul my husband. He is thoughtful, intelligent, generous, driven, and kind. One aspect that drew me to Paul immediately was the way he treats others, especially children. Paul comes from a large, close-knit family. He has 19 nieces/nephews and is arguably the favorite uncle. It is so sweet to see his nieces clamoring to be one one that gets to hold his hand. Paul's playful nature, love of kids, work ethic, and faith make him an excellent father. He works tirelessly at work to provide for his family and is respected both in the office and at home for all he does.

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About Katy (From Paul): Katy is the love of my life. She is smart, determined, and she loves children. She makes friends with everyone that she meets because people can immediately see that she is very genuine and truly cares. She provides so much joy to John Paul and myself and I can’t wait to see her with another child in the house. She always puts others first and that is one of the qualities that helps her be a great mother.

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