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Reetin and Heidi

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Dear Friend(s),

Being parents is at the core of who we are!  Parenthood has been the most incredible gift that either one of us could ever imagine. 

Towards the end of 2015, after close to 7 years of struggling with infertility, we were blessed with our daughter, Mildred "Mili", through adoption! No words could ever express the feelings of gratitude that we have about the opportunity to grow our family through adopting again. We are so excited about the possibility!

We both grew up with siblings. We are hopeful that our children will get to experience growing up with another sibling.  

Our struggle with infertility helped us to gain a much deeper understanding of just how precious the life of a child is.  We are ready and prepared to grow our family and are eagerly anticipating the joy of loving and raising another child!  

After the birth of your baby, we hope to have a continued and open relationship with you, as we feel that it would be beneficial for the child. At the same time, we also want to respect your wishes and level of comfort.

It is important to both of us that we give our children the gift of our time. Rinku has the desire to provide financially for our family and will continue full-time employment as an Implementation Engineer (computer guy:) While Rinku does seldom travel at times for work, he is also able to work primarily from home.  Heidi has a very flexible work schedule and works part-time as an Occupational Therapy Practitioner.  In this way, we feel that we are available to give our family the gift of time while still providing the necessary financial stability.         

We will do our best to ensure our children that they are loved by both us, as well as their birth families.  We will tell them that they are wanted, wished for and prayed for.  We will do our best to help them to understand that their birth parent(s) are courageous and have a tremendous amount of love for them.  We will tell our children that their birth family blessed us with a gift so great that words can never express.  Through raising our children, we hope to enable them to feel a sense of confidence, security and unconditional love.  Although we're not perfect, we will try our best to be the parents that we believe God intended for us to be.  We will try our best to teach our child of God's great love for them. 

We know that the decision you make will be driven by the love that you have for your baby.  No matter what your decision, we wish you a sense of peace.

Thanks for taking the time to look at our book.  We hope that it gives you an idea of who we are.  We are so excited to meet you & we hope to find each other soon!


Heidi & Rinku

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