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Mike and Emily

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Hello! Nice to ‘meet’ you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile and get to know us. We are so incredibly honored that you are choosing to learn about our family as you consider adoption as an option for your child. We realize that this process can be scary and painful, and while we can’t begin to understand what you are going through, we are inspired and impressed beyond words with your strength and courage. We want to support you and we want you to know that we are here for you as a mother/father, as a person, and as a man/woman. As parents ourselves, we’ve learned that a lot of life is messy: lived in the in-between, the gray, the not-yet-arrived. We know that life would be easier if everything was black and white, if decisions were straightforward, and if we could be in control of every situation. But with three kids at home, we also know that life, growth, and transformation happen in the in-between. We know that God’s plan is to bring beauty from ashes. We see that you are here, too. We see that you are fighting for your baby so hard, and we want you to know that whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan, we trust your judgment and convictions. We’ll walk beside you in the in-between for as long as you’ll have us. Please know that as you continue your journey, we are praying for you and asking God to give you strength, peace, and comfort. We sincerely hope that our love for you and the new life you created will shine through in this book. With great love and appreciation, Mike + Emily

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
State:New York
# of Pets:1
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

In our family, we strive to live life to the fullest, enjoying all of the good times to their utmost while persevering through and fully appreciating the difficult times. While our time as a family is most often spent laughing, playing, and just enjoying being together, there are also times of hurt and tears as we navigate through the realities of life. As parents, we strive to teach our kids that in both the good and difficult times of life, our choices and attitudes are the only things we ultimately have control over. We work hard to teach them that the the only worthwhile endeavors in this life are to serve God, others, and then ourselves - in that order. We push our children to think about how every single one of their actions reflects their love for God, love for others, and their own character. We are so proud when they put the wants and desires of others before their own, and love to see the positive impacts it has on those around us.

About Mike


More About Mike

Mike is absolutely the most kind and caring individual I have ever met. He is extremely patient, and he invests time and energy into everyone in his life. In our friend and family circle, he’s known as the dependable guy who will drop everything to come help cover a leaking roof with a tarp, change a tire, move a couch, or share a coffee while lending a listening ear. Mike serves Jesus by being a servant leader for our family. He takes the kids on dates and includes them in his everyday life. Does he need to fix a drawer? You’ll find one of the kids by his side as he coaches them to use a screwdriver. Does he need to change the brake pads on the car? Caleb is right there learning what a wrench is and handing it to his dad. Mike is a solid rock for our family, providing strength, security, correction, guidance, and love. He knows the weight of his words, and is thoughtful about what he says and how he says it. He knows that in all situations, attitude is what matters most, and encourages the rest of us to have better attitudes when we need them. Mike is the BEST dad. He encourages our kids to be themselves - to pursue what they love and cultivate their talents even if they are different than his. Mike leads by example. He walks the walk, and if he doesn’t, he’s quick to ask for forgiveness (yes, even from a 2-year-old). Mike is goofy. He likes to tease, tell “dad” jokes, chase, wrestle, make funny faces, hand the baby random objects and take pictures while he’s sleeping. He also likes to tease me, and is constantly making me laugh. The best part about Mike? That his love is unconditional, and he has love for everyone, in any circumstance, at any time.

About Emily


More About Emily

Emily is more thoughtful than I could ever dream of being. She has an uncanny ability to do exactly the right thing to lift someone’s spirits, and spends much of her time thinking about how she can best support her friends and family in need. Whenever someone is sick, recovering, or just hurting, she will go out of her way to bring them a meal or just be with them. Emily is one of the most confident people I know, giving 110% in whatever she does and inspiring us all to do the same. It’s amazing to watch her go after something she knows is right because she seems unstoppable. I love watching her mentor not only our children, but also young college students where she goes out of her way to meet with after our kids go to bed. Emily is so very hardworking. While I am at work, she is able to watch our three children alone during the day, work a part time job, cook amazing dinners, and then goof around and play with our kids as a family at night. Emily is an amazing mom who cares deeply for her children. She loves to play, cook, dance, be silly, and make them laugh, all the time. She is always trying to find ways to teach them to put others first, and be kind to everyone they meet. The best part about Emily? She is extremely selfless. She puts other people before herself without even thinking about it, and sets the best example of that for our family.

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