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Andrew and Bethenny

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Dear Expectant Parent, We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We understand that you have a difficult decision ahead of you and we respect and admire your courage and selflessness. It is our dream to welcome another child into our family and home. We have been married nearly twelve years and have two beautiful children who are excited to have a brother or sister. We are looking to grow our family through adoption. Andrew is an elementary school principal and works hard to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. He is an avid Buffalo Bills and Sabres hockey fan. Andrew enjoys being active, going to amusement parks, spending time with his family on vacations, and cooking. Beth is a fourth teacher who loves helping kids and watching them grow and learn. She loves to read, going to the beach, seeing musicals, and enjoys to sing. Our daughter Ava is 8 years old and our son Eli is four years old. Ava really enjoys playing soccer, she loves all animals, and works really hard in school. Eli loves reptiles, going to playgrounds, and being really silly. They are really excited to be a big sister and brother. We hope this book gives you a glimpse of our life. If we are blessed with your child, he or she will be welcomed into a warm, loving home with an adoring older sister and an older brother. Your baby will grow up around a large extended family and many friends. We will love and cherish this child every day of our lives and provide him or her with unconditional love and support. As parents we promise to raise this child to be kind, respectful, humble, independent, and hard working. We promise to always love, nurture, and support them with the goal of helping him or her find happiness in everything they do. God Bless ~Andrew and Beth

Facts About Our Family

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State:New York
# of Pets:2
Pets:We just adopted a rescue puppy named Baxter and we have a cat named Charlie.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

Andrew and Beth met in 2005 while teaching elementary school. Andrew was a 5th grade teacher and Beth was a 4th grade teacher. Andrew and Beth were married in 2007 surrounded by their family and friends. It was truly the most magical night. They were married at Beth's hometown church with a reception following at a local ski lodge! Our daughter Ava is 8 years old and in 3rd grade. She loves being a big sister. She enjoys playing soccer, reading, and going to amusement parks. Our son Eli is 4 years old and is in preschool. He is very excited to be a big brother. Eli loves playing outside, making people laugh and playing with his superheroes. A few years ago, we moved into our dream home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Our home has 4 bedrooms with lots of space for our children to play. We have a large fenced in backyard with a swing set and many outdoor toys for the kids to play. We love celebrating the holidays in our home and especially decorating our house for Christmas. We both come from very supportive and loving families. Our parents have been married for close to forty years. We are very lucky to have such fantastic role models as parents. Beth has a brother and a sister and Andrew has one brother. We have two nieces and a nephew. Andrew and Beth both have large extended families with many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

About Andrew


More About Andrew

Andrew is a kind, compassionate and hard working person. He is an amazing husband and father who will do anything for his family. Andrew loves to be active: working in the yard, going to the gym, biking, going for walks, and exploring new places. His favorite team is the Buffalo Bills and he absolutely loves going to home games in Buffalo. More than anything, Andrew loves spending time with our family: Going on vacations, visiting amusement parks, playing with the kids at a park, and riding roller coasters. Andrew just loves life and works hard to find happiness in each and every situation. Andrew is an elementary school principal. He works hard to lead a school to ensure the very best education for students and their families. Before this, he was an elementary and special education teacher for 11 years. Andrew's Favorite Things: Food: Anything Italian Color: Blue Sport: Football TV Show: "This is Us" Sport Team: Buffalo Bills Vacation: Hawaii Animal: Gorillas Holiday: Christmas Activity: Anything outside Just for Fun: Riding roller coasters with the kids

About Bethenny


More About Bethenny

Beth is the most caring person you will ever meet. She is the absolute best mother who will do anything for her children. Family is always Beth's number one priority. She loves to spend time with her family. She enjoys going on family vacations, making projects with the kids, reading, baking, and going to amusement parks. Beth also loves music and singing. Like Andrew she is a big Buffalo Bills fan and enjoys going to games in Buffalo. Beth has been an elementary teacher for 14 years. She loves being surrounded each day by young, curious minds who are excited to learn. Beth's Favorites: Food: Lobster Color: Pink Sport: Soccer TV Show: Law & Order Sport Team: Buffalo Bills Vacation: Hawaii Animal: Dolphin Holiday: Christmas Activity: Reading Just for Fun: Going to amusement parks with family

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