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Nate and Annie

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We are Nate & Annie, and we are thankful you are taking the time to learn a little more about us. We have been married 11 years, and became parents five years ago to Logan thanks to adoption. While the three of us have a lot of fun together we feel that our family is not yet complete. We are hoping to adopt another child to join our loving, caring, supportive, and sometimes (okay more than just sometimes) crazy fun home! We have more love to give and we are hoping to parent another child through adoption. Here is a quick look at who we are:


Nate grew up all over Minnesota moving along with his father’s agricultural business. He has fond memories of his childhood as the oldest of four; two brothers and one sister. Currently two of Nate’s siblings live near Nate and Annie, and the other just a couple hours away in greater Minnesota. His parents live just an hour away. Nate and Annie have six nieces and nephews on his side of the family. Nate’s parents love the excitement when the entire family gets together. Nate’s grandparents are living in Northern Minnesota which makes for big family gatherings, especially at Christmas time.

Nate is a kid at heart! He is fun-loving, energetic, generous, and kind. He is a true servant to those around him and is an amazing husband and father. He is a dentist by profession but his first priority is family. Nate’s work schedule allows him to be home with Annie and Logan either a morning or afternoon each day. Working the early shift gets him home after Logan’s afternoon rest time, and working the late shift allows him to be home until noon before heading to work. Having such an active role in day to day life is truly a blessing for Annie and Logan. Things Nate likes include: spending time with family, dogs, music, movies, kayaking, and eating meat and potatoes. Nate’s biggest dislike? Vegetables! (However he has gotten pretty creative making smoothies!)


Annie grew up in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. Her Dad being from Massachusetts and Mom being from Wisconsin presented a lot of opportunities for travel to visit with extended family. Annie is the oldest of two; having one brother. Her brother and sister-in-law and three nephews live in Massachusetts. Despite the distance they are able to Skype and stay in touch that way. Annie’s parents live only four miles away so they see each other often.

Annie is loving, caring, empathic, and creative. Annie works as a Child Life Specialist at a Children’s Hospital. Her job is to help children prepare for and cope with his or her hospital experience. Playing is a large part of her job which she very much enjoys; helping children learn and meet their developmental milestones. Since Logan came into their lives, Annie switched to casual status meaning she fills in when other specialists are gone. This gives Annie the freedom to sign up for shifts when Nate is home to avoid needing childcare. This seems to be the perfect balance until their children are older and in school full time. Annie has loved being home with Logan, planning activities, connecting with other families, and enjoying all the little things in each stage of Logan’s development. Things Annie likes include; spending time with family, exercising (although exercise is more like dancing to Kid’s Bop in the kitchen since becoming a Mom!), time with her girlfriends, taking walks, crafts, planting flowers, going on dates with Nate (and hot chocolate dates with Logan!) and popcorn. Annie’s biggest dislikes? Being tickled!


Logan is five and is quite the energetic ball of fun! He’s on the go constantly, and only slows down when he is asleep. He is interested in everything to do with cars, Chevy trucks, superheroes and the current favorite- Legos. He also loves bugs and watering the grass in order to find worms.  He likes to snuggle with Annie and loves to wrestle with Nate. Nate and Annie told Logan about his Birth Mom the second they met him, they pray for her every night together, and Logan has met her and seen pictures of his birth family. They welcome any contact she is comfortable with, as she will always be a special part of their family.


Beau is the family’s five year old Labradoodle. He is gentle and amazing with kids. He is truly an outstanding family dog, his only faults being that he makes himself a little too comfortable on the furniture when they are gone, and is an expert in sneaking food. Christmas 2016 was an all time high for him, he got the gingerbread house Logan made. Not good!


Nate and Annie truly honor their son’s birth mother. They have an open adoption with her and that has been very important with building Logan’s identity. They consider the birth family to be a part of them and celebrate the times when they can be together in person, over the phone, via text or email. They realize you may not have any idea as to what you will want or need but know that no matter how involved you want to be, they respect you and your desires and that comes first.

In Closing:

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little! We have a lot more to us than this brief glimpse into our lives. If you are interested we’d love to share more information, answer your questions and even meet you in person if you so choose. Thinking of you as you figure out what is best for you and your child.

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