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Giorgio and Leila

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We bet every letter you read starts with “thank you.” You know why? Because although some of us haven’t been parents before, we appreciate the love that it takes to bring a child into the world. It is an honor to be considered able to raise and love your child. The very difficult and brave decision you're making must come from a deep place of love. Our prayer is that your sweet one grows healthy and strong, and that you feel an overwhelming peace about whomever you choose to place them with. We hope it brings you comfort to know that we share your dream of giving this child a loving family and a safe home; to give this gift the best life possible.  He or she will be raised in a Christian home, where we will make sure your love and sacrifice is always known to him or her.

Facts About Our Family

Location:Southeast Michigan
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:No Children

More About Our Family

We met six years ago on a Sunday afternoon—Easter Sunday—and went for a walk by the river in the college town where we live. Giorgio grew up near Milan, Italy and is proud to be both Italian and a recent American. He loves cinema, and adores history books and mystery novels. Leila grew up in Washington, DC and has family in England and Lebanon. When we got married, we shared our laughter and love with our families and friends from many places. Our house has a quiet and peaceful garden and is about ten minutes driving distance from the university campus. We appreciate that our neighbors have mixed ages and come from diverse backgrounds. We have mixed backgrounds ourselves, and any child we're lucky enough to raise will be brought up in a diverse and inclusive community. We enjoy cooking, watching television series, and going to the lake in summer. We are voracious readers and are very excited about sharing our love of learning with a child. Attending church on Sunday mornings gives a sense of calmness to start each week, and so does making pizza at home on Sunday nights.

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