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Brandon and Andrea

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We cannot begin to imagine how you must be feeling and what your going through. Know that we are praying for you and the baby. We have so much respect for you in the decisions you are facing. You have a tremendous amount of strength and we thank you for choosing life. Here is a snap shot of who we are and we pray you can see our hearts. We cannot begin to explain the excitement and anticipation we have about adopting. It's something we have talked and prayed about for the last 11 years. From the time we started dating we felt that God would allow adoption to be a part of our journey. We know with certainty that this is what our family is called too. Know that we are praying for you and the decisions you are making for you and your baby. A little about us. We are a family of five. We have 3 sons that are 7 and under. We both come from families of eight so there is a lot of love shown to our children. We are very involved in our church and love dancing to worship songs in our living room. We have so much fun as a family with our walks, camp outs, and trips to the grandparents. We talk about adoption often and we are all excited to add another baby into our family! We are close to both sides of our family and they are very supportive and excited about us adopting. Our parents truly are such a constant in our lives and we are so grateful to have such incredible support. We are surrounded by so many that are encouraging and praying for you and for us in this process!

Facts About Our Family

Location:Southeast Michigan
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:0
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological Children

About Brandon


More About Brandon

Brandon is the most genuine, caring, loyal man I have ever met. He is always thinking of others and how he can help and be there for anyone and everyone. He is an amazing father and loves deeply. He loves spending time with us and always brings laughter into our home. He is a very handy man and has done so much work on our house and cars. If there is something he comes across that he does not know, he will find a way to learn it. He is the kindest, sweetest man and I’m so grateful for him and for the father and man that he chooses to be.

About Andrea

Education:Some College

More About Andrea

Andrea is such an amazing woman! She is such a kind, loving mother to our three sons. She is a stay at home mom and loves being able to be home everyday and be their main caretaker throughout the day. She has dreamt about adopting since she was a little girl and has always known one day that's how we would add to our family. When we starting dating 11 plus years ago, that was one of the first things we talked about and my heart knew as well that we would adopt. When she walks into a room the whole place lights up with her joy. One of the things that keeps me falling in love with her everyday is the way she smiles and laughs. Along with being a vital part to our church community, there are so many women that come to her because of the knowledge she has as a mother and the knowledge she has of the Bible. Andrea is very organized and does beyond a great job with making our house feel like a home.

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