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Andrew and Kelsey

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Hello! We are so excited to share our story with you. We feel honored that you have even opened our profile. We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our world. Life has had twists, turns, ups and downs throughout the years, but God has been there at the center, making this awesome thing we call our story come to life. However, the question we thought we would answer first is why we choose adoption. After our wedding, we took a year as just the two of us and then decided we would work toward parenthood. We began trying in fall of 2011. Our story began with 2 years of infertility and another year of infant loss. With 3 babies in heaven, we were unsure if we would be earthly parents. However, March 2015, our son Fisher was born. He was healthy and perfect...but Kelsey's pregnancy and delivery were neither. His brother Hamilton followed 16 months later. Before Hamilton came along, we were not sure if we would walk this pregnancy road again, but God had different plans. We are so thankful for our sweet Hamilton, but that pregnancy was also physically and emotionally hard with another rough delivery. We have always wanted to explore expanding our family through adoption and just didn't know when that would be. For Kelsey, having two adopted sisters, the seed to adopt was planted in her childhood. Drew knew this was a desire for Kelsey, and as the years of infertility and infant loss went by, it was Drew who encouraged our first step, as a couple, toward adoption. The Lord has made it fully aware to us that His timing is now. So, here we are. We thank you so much for the courage it takes to even look at these profiles. Thank you for letting us into your world, even if its only as you read through our story. Thank you for considering adoption for your child and taking the time to look at our profile and get to know us. We want you to know that we would welcome your baby girl into our home with excitement, and open arms and hearts full of love. We can't wait to get to know you as we walk through this journey together. We consider it an honor to be considered to be your child's forever family. We have been blessed to be chosen to parent these children, and we consider it a huge responsibility and honor to be used as an instrument in the hands of God to shape the hearts of our kids. We pray that as they grow older, they will desire to know Christ as their personal Savior. We are ready and prepared to welcome your baby girl into our home. Our boys ask daily about their baby sister! Know you are already so precious to us and we are praying for you and your treasured baby girl daily. We can't wait to meet you!

Facts About Our Family

Location:Grand Rapids
*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:2
Pets:2 dogs: Bo (1 year) and Buttons (7 years)
Neighborhood: Country
Children:Biological Children

More About Our Family

OUR HOME: Our home resides on a small road with 9 other homes. With so few houses the traffic is light and the neighbors are all very friendly. Our evening walks are often joined by a few others walking their dogs or out with their kids as well. The home is a ranch style home with bedrooms upstairs and a finished, walkout basement down. The home is decorated in a modern farmhouse style for the main shared areas. We moved in summer 2017 and have had lots of fun making it our dream home over the last year. WE ARE CARETAKERS: Bettie lives with us. She is Kelsey's mom's cousin. In March of 2017, we were asked by extended family to bring Bettie into our home and become her caretakers. Bettie fits right in with our blessed chaos. She loves to watch “Leave It To Beaver” or “Andy Griffith”, sing along to the radio, color, string beads, and read books with Fisher and Hamilton. We love watching her interactions with our boys and look forward to watching their relationship with her develop and grow. ALL IN A DAY: A typical day is all of us having breakfast together before Drew heads off to work. If we aren't off on one of our adventures to the zoo or library or the grocery store, the morning is spent with Bettie watching her DVD of "Leave it to Beaver" and the boys and Kelsey playing in the basement, heading outside or cleaning their rooms. Kelsey usually has a chore of the day and likes to involve the boys in learning how to help keep the house clean – like helping hang clothes on the clothing rack to dry or putting them from the washing machine to the dryer. Snack is served mid morning back in the kitchen. Following snack time, the boys often find themselves in the middle of a dance party as Kelsey finishes clean-up of the kitchen. From there, its more play time or an activity at the table like coloring, playing games, or doing puzzles. Then, before we know it, lunch time is upon us. After Lunch is nap/rest time for all! Following nap time is another snack and then more play time while Bettie catches another show. The boys and Bettie usually have another group activity in the afternoon as well. Then Kelsey begins making dinner as Drew comes home after work and we have dinner together, alternating who says the before dinner prayer. Evenings are filled with bath time or walks on our little street. Then books, songs and bedtime for all around 7:30/8. After the boys and Bettie are in bed, Drew and Kelsey have time to reconnect and spend the evening catching each other up on the day. FAMILY FAVORITES: As a family, we try to seek out different adventures. Our boys are just old enough to really express their excitement about things we do. It's so fun to watch them learn and grow through experiences. We can't wait to watch them interact with a new baby and be mama's big helpers with their little sister. In the warm months, our family outings consist of trips to the zoo, picnic dinners in our quaint town down by the river, afternoons playing at the playground at the nearby park, days at our friend’s pool, riding bikes on the driveway, grilling out on the back deck for dinner, and after dinner walks along our quiet road. Reading before bed and singing songs are always delightful ways to end our days. When Kelsey is in a performance or on worship team for our church, Drew tries to bring the boys to one practice so they can see mama and even spend some time on stage with her. Our church is very performance focused, and it won't be long before Fisher and Hami are in the kid's programs--singing and dancing on stage as well! A NAME FOR BABY GIRL: As we were getting to know each other in 2008, Drew once proclaimed that he knew what the name of his daughter would be. Kelsey, being a bit skeptical, asked what the name was. Drew explained that it was a name he had come up with in college (1998). He then went on to explain that the name "Madeline Virginia" was chosen as a tribute to his grandmother Virginia and Madeline was a name he had always really liked. As Kelsey's jaw hit the floor she thought back to her college days(2004), dreaming of the future, and deciding that she wanted to name her daughter after HER grandmother, Virginia. She had always loved the name Madeline and thought that Madeline Virginia had a nice ring to it. Though Kelsey refrained from popping the question right then, she knew that God had a big plan in store for us and an even bigger plan for our future daughter. Madeline means “lifted up, high, exalted, stand tall.” We think this name is beautiful in sound and in meaning. With her name being chosen over 20 years ago, this is something we feel very strongly is God designed. He has been working on Her story long before we even knew each other, and that is beautiful!

About Andrew

Education:Some College

More About Andrew

Drew works for a Home Improvement company here in West Michigan. When he isn’t working, he seeks out ways to be fully engaged on the home front. Drew makes most of the meals when he is home, and looks for ways to get the boys involved. Helping papa make pancakes and oatmeal in the mornings are Fisher’s favorite activities. Drew is a mastermind on the Rockband Drum Set, and fort building is no longer a hobby; he’s an expert! His boys think he’s the greatest person on the earth and can’t wait to tackle him with hugs the moment he’s home. Drew is a Dave Matthews Band enthusiast and loves any opportunity he can get to take Kelsey to a concert (Dave Matthews or any fun band) for a date day. 5 Words that describe Drew: 1. Intentional 2. Genuine 3. Loving 4. Fun 5. Passionate Drew is honest and hardworking. He enjoys a new challenge and is extremely intentional with all he does. He is constantly looking for ways to make our life more fun and enjoyable. Oh, and he has a wealth of knowledge about the most random, yet very useful, things! Drew is my steady rock. He is sure and steadfast in his love for his family. He is funny and silly with the boys. He is kind and caring with Bettie. He is loving and tender with me. He is the best partner to my blessed chaos I call this life. The boys aren't the only ones who light up when he comes home from work. I feel blessed that Drew picked me to be his wife, and I am ever more grateful for him as I watch him Father our children. I know his future daughter will have him wrapped around her cute little finger!

About Kelsey


More About Kelsey

Kelsey is a stay at home mother who works as primary caretaker for her mother’s cousin Bettie. Kelsey is constantly creating. If she can create it with her hands, she finds it way more relaxing and enjoyable than if she were to just buy something. Painting, sewing, sculpting, name it. This is how Kelsey unwinds. Being home with the boys all day means she is constantly seeking for ways to get them involved in creating. From giant Duplo castles to the longest foam block roadway for cars you have ever seen, instilling creativity, imagination, and ingenuity in the boys is a HUGE passion of Kelsey’s. Kelsey enjoys singing on the worship team at church and being involved in their big productions as well. Kelsey jumps at any opportunity to be with Drew. Long road trips, concerts, date nights, or family trips to the zoo. Her favorite times are slow days with her family and quiet evenings cuddled on the couch with Drew. 5 Words that describe Kelsey are: 1. Intentional 2. Selfless 3. Compassionate 4. Creative 5. Spirited Kelsey is a very determined, focused, and goal oriented woman. This drive is represented in all she does, whether it be her marriage, business, or children. She is very strategic in her decision making and lifestyle choices. No decision is made without careful discernment. As structured and organized Kelsey is, she is also an incredibly fun loving and carefree person. Finding the Joy in all things, life with Kelsey is always a devotion to positivity, respect, love and faith. She is a woman with a beautiful love for the Lord, and shares that love with others through her vocal, stage, and many other talents. This family and I are blessed to have Kelsey in our lives and I know how loved our future adopted daughter will be.

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