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Andrew and Megan

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We feel so honored that you are taking the time to learn a little more about us. You and your baby are in our prayers. We pray God guides you through this process. We pray for wisdom as you make difficult decisions. We ask God to give you peace with whatever decisions you make. Your strength and courage are admirable.

Facts About Our Family

*The location where the adoption agency’s office is.
# of Pets:2
Pets:We have 2 small dogs, Cash and Pace.
Neighborhood: Suburban
Children:Biological and Adopted Children

More About Our Family

Andrew and I are childhood sweethearts. We have been married for 13 years, and best friends since childhood. We are a boy family! We have 3 sons- Isaac, Isaiah, and AJ. We love having family game nights, going to new playgrounds, and just being together. Isaiah came to us through the domestic infant adoption program here at Bethany. We really feel like one more boy will finish our family out perfectly! Isaac is 7 and is the leader of the pack. He takes his responsibility as big brother very seriously. He loves school and being outside with the neighborhood kids. Isaiah is 5 and is enjoying his new adventure of Kindergarten. He loves to sing and dance more than any other kid I've met. He's a little ball of energy. AJ is 4 and loves to talk! He will make friends with any person he meets, even in the grocery store. He's a love bug for sure- cuddles, hugs, and kisses all day long. Isaiah's adoption journey: We met Isaiah's birth mom when he was still growing in her belly. We clicked instantly. We smiled and laughed and talked about her dreams for her boy. We visited her in the hospital when he was born and it felt like we all just fit together perfectly. Even meeting her extended family just felt right. She tragically passed away when Isaiah was only 1 year old. We have continued with an open relationship with her sisters and mom. It's been great to have that relationship grow for us and Isaiah.

About Andrew

Education:Some College

More About Andrew

Andrew is an amazing husband, father, and friend. We have known each other since childhood. Growing up with him, I have seen him through hard times. His faith is strong and carries him through. Andrew is always working on himself. He wants to be the best and won't stop making improvements until he gets there. He loves playing with our boys and taking me on date nights. He'll play any sport you ask him to! He loves music and serves in our church on the praise team.

About Megan


More About Megan

Megan is the perfect woman. She is always doing all she can to better our family. She is a loving mother, an amazing wife, and a great role model for other women. She is an enormous blessing to me and our boys. Megan is the most forgiving person I know. I think this stems from her relationship with Christ. She loves family game nights and taking our boys on new adventures. She loves just being outside together in the front yard. She's a great friend, always willing to serve.

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