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Joe and Elyce

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We are Elyce and Joe.  We are excited you have chosen to take time to read about us.  You are strong and courageous in taking this step for your baby’s future as well as your own.  We pray that you find comfort in knowing that if you decide that your child will live with us, we are committed to providing a loving, caring home as well as openness with you.

We met at our best friends’ wedding as the maid of honor and best man.  We have been married just over 5 years.  Elyce is a social worker and Joe is a supervisor.  We love to run and spend time outside as well as check out local parks and museums; we will often grab coffee and walk around exploring our area.  We enjoy spending time with our friends and family.  We are both from large families, so any child coming into our home would instantly be part of the mix with grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Before we decided to pursue adoption through Bethany, we became foster parents.  We fostered a beautiful newborn girl for 3 months before she moved to a relative’s home.  When she left, we were heartbroken.  However, the experience made us realize that adoption is the right path for us.  We are excited for the future and hope to welcome a child into our home to love forever.

Facts About Our Family

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