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Ryan and Sarah

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Dear Birthparent(s),

What an amazing woman you are! You are full of courage and strength! We do not know all of the emotions and challenges that you have faced this far, nor what finally led you to Bethany, but we are so glad you are here. You are such a blessing! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, we hope we will get to learn about you soon!

Our Relationship/Family

In March of 2009 we exchanged vows to love and honor each other for all of our days. During our engagement period we discussed our future dreams, which included having biological children as well as children through adoption. Despite several years of dealing with abdominal pain, infertility, endometriosis, surgery and fertility treatments- God has blessed us with three sons! Pregnancy and birth have been very difficult on Sarah and yet we don’t feel that our family is complete. We love being parents. We desire to grow our family and we believe God has called us to do this through adoption.

Our Home

We are located in a very well-kept, family friendly neighborhood that is located about 1 block from a large park. God has blessed us with a beautiful 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, tri-level house and we love it! We also have a nice fenced backyard and swing set where we have room to play. Our home is very close to our family. We are less than 1 mile away from all of Sarah’s immediate family, as well as Ryan’s brother, wife and children. Ryan’s parents live about an hour away and we see them at least once a month. We live close to our church, which is our extended family. We believe that it is our job as parents to be our child’s primary leader and example, but having a wonderful church alongside us to give us fresh ideas and encouragement which has been such a blessing. We pray that any children we have the responsibility and blessing to parent will come to know the saving love of Jesus Christ.

Ryan- by Sarah

Ryan has worked very hard to become a Physician Assistant. He works in an internal medicine office where he does everything the doctors do (like write prescriptions and diagnose illnesses) but he doesn’t work the long hours, nor is he ever on call! He actually works four days a week (8-5:30) and is home with us one day during the week, on weekends and holidays. I have been so blessed to have a husband who takes his role as leader and provider so seriously. Because of Ryan’s hard work and God’s blessing, I am able to be a full-time mom! Ryan is faithful in his pursuit of God as well as in his relationship with me. He is kind, loving, funny, loyal, forgiving and humble. He is a wonderful father who one minute is wrestling around on the ground with the boys and then gently snuggling them the next. I have been amazed at the tenderness I see in my husband as well as his commitment to being a father. He is very selfless in his decision making. He is always looking at what is the best decision for the family, and he is always thinking about how the decisions he makes now will influence our family in the future. He is a wonderful husband and father and I feel so blessed to know him, love him, and be loved by him.

Sarah- by Ryan

Sarah is a great wife and mother. She is very loving, kind and patient. She taught in an elementary school for 8 years before having our first child. She is definitely a teacher at heart and loves teaching our sons. I am blessed to have a wife who values her job as a mother so deeply. She makes sure the kids are well taken care of even before she takes care of herself. She has taken many counseling classes, so she helps many of her friends work through their problems in a healthy way. Sarah is also multi-talented. She is a wonderful piano player, very artistic with scrapbooking, and loves to dance ballet. One of her biggest gifts in life is planning. She is very organized and loves to plan events and get-togethers. Another thing I love about Sarah is her willingness and enthusiasm to teach our sons about God. She often reads to them from their children’s Bible before bed. I am blessed to have a wife who takes such good care of our family, and loves us unconditionally. 

Our Interests

There is nothing more enjoyable to us than the joy we experience together as a family. Before children, we had a lot of interests, but our children have become our main interest now. Most everything we do is focused on us being together as a family. Most of our time is spent playing trains, swinging at the park, playing chase, play dates with the neighbors and multiple trips to the zoo. We also enjoy snuggling on the couch while reading books, running through sprinklers and the most enjoyable of all, kiss-attacks!

We are excited to discuss all of the possibilities of an open adoption with you, and we look forward to the day when your family and our family become one! Our prayers are with you as you walk through this process. May the God of peace give you both hope and comfort as you move forward in your decision. We are so inspired by your courage and touched by the deep love and desire you have for your child.

 With love,

Ryan, Sarah, Isaac, Jeremiah, and Matthew

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