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Dear Parent(s),

I bet every letter you read starts with “thank you.” You know why? Because although some of us, like me, haven’t been parents before, we know the love that takes. Choosing adoption is a loving, brave decision, and though I don’t know what its like to be in your shoes, I appreciate that you’ve done this incredible thing. It seems inexplicable, but my heart already overflows with love for baby, and I pray for baby and expectant mother. I can’t wait to meet the little one!

For me, adoption isn’t a last resort. I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and believe this will happen through adoption. I’m a person of faith and through lots of prayer have peace that I’m meant to adopt. I’m so excited! I will be a single mom, and will cherish this baby with all my heart. I also plan to adopt again down the road. I grew up with great siblings I love, and want that for the child too.

My two main goals as a mother will be to teach that God loves all his children no matter what, and that I love this child no matter what. The baby will be my number one priority. I’m a laid back person, but I love fiercely and I protect those I love fiercely. I’m a happy person who laughs a lot and always looks for the positive, but I consider it an honor when I can help friends through the hard moments in life too.

I think its important to have strong role models, both male and female, and between grandpa, uncles, and friends, the child will have strong, warm, genuinely good men around. Baby will learn how a man should treat a lady, and always feel protected. My brother-in-law James is already prepared to handle “guy talks” when we get to that point if baby is a boy. And there will be plenty of people to interview/intimidate future dates if baby is a girl. Either way, the child will have strong men around that have agreed, and are eager to, be a loving, involved presence. Between me, my sisters, and my friends, there will be a community of fun, caring, involved women and men who will dote on baby.

I work for a commercial insurance company as a Risk Control Consultant, which allows me to work from home most of the time. However, I really want to be a writer someday. I love stories and my agent has sent my novel to publishers, so fingers crossed! I love the arts and reading, and have gotten into painting. I’ve painted a rocking chair so there will be a comfortable place for middle of the night feedings. I also love to sing, but for the good of humanity restrict that to the car.

Travel is one of my passions, and I get to the beach at least once a year. I can’t wait to build sand castles, and introduce the baby to the vastness of the ocean. Also, I’ve volunteered at orphanages in Cambodia and Kenya, and at a church in Guatemala. I lived briefly in Chile and have been to Italy as well. All of that to say, I want this child to see the big, amazing world of ours and experience many cultures (and food too. Man, there is some amazing food out there.) I hope to raise a good citizen of the world. Compassion and love for others are so important, and I want baby to experience firsthand the joy of helping others. And, honestly, I can’t wait to take baby to Disney.

This is a beautiful state and world, and that’s part of why I love travel. I want to share how amazing nature is with trips to beautiful places, hikes in the summer, or even just playing in the backyard. It has lots of flowers and a few bunnies that nibble the grass. There is a pretty little trail by my house where we can go on walks too.

Since my athletic abilities are restricted to running slowly, I got my family started on Thanksgiving Day races and it’s been a great tradition. I’ve done a few half marathons, and Oh. My Word. So hard. But it’s great sense of accomplishment, and since exercise is important to me races are good motivators to stay active. As for other sports, I’ve become an Avalanche fan since I moved to Colorado, go Avs! I like to watch the Olympics and the World Cup as well.

BUT. Given all that about me, the baby will be a unique person and I celebrate that. I can’t wait to discover an athlete, a dancer, a writer, a musician, a scholar, or an artist blooming before me. Whatever this child favors, I will encourage pursuing dreams and embracing passions, and doing our best without caring if we’re the best. I’m going to be the mom who proudly snaps pictures no matter what, and probably posts enough to Facebook to drive my friends crazy. I look forward to cheering from the stands, hanging finger paintings on the fridge, and having dance parties in the living room that will scare the cats.

More about my life: I have two cats named Jellybean and Vanillabean. Jellybean shy and playful, and Nilly is younger and loves to toss her stuffed mice in the air and then catch them.  She also likes to pounce on her brother. Both are cuddly and gentle with people.

Though we don’t live near each other, my family is involved in each other’s lives. We celebrate holidays together, and have fun traditions, like the race Thanksgiving morning, building a sugar cookie Christmas tree, gift exchanges, and many inside jokes. We get together several times a year, and my parents visit often. And if any of us ever needs help, the whole family comes together instantly, each doing whatever they can.

Mom and Dad are excited to be grandparents again. My older sister has three children, and they’re absolutely adored. At family gatherings there is a room full of adults baby talking while my one year-old nephew darts around with his ball. And none of the uncles mind that my six year-old niece spits on them while pretending to be a dragon. My younger sister is pregnant with a boy, and everyone’s eager to meet him!

This baby will be no different. My parents are praying for the child, and expectant mother too. My dad and I put together the crib and changing table and are rather proud of ourselves.  Dad is already planning to take us backpacking…but I think we best wait a few years for that one. And Mom wants to bake cookies together. I’m very close with my younger sister and I hope all the cousins will be close.

My dear friends aren’t just here, but all across the country. I’ve met sisters of my heart who’ve already dubbed themselves The Aunties, and plan to visit when the baby comes. Here in Colorado I’ve got some amazing girls I hang out with regularly, and could call at any moment if I needed. They’re already volunteering to babysit! One is a post-partum doula, which is a fancy way of saying she helps new moms, and she’s ready for me to bombard her with questions.

I can’t tell you how excited I am without using a ton of exclamation points, but I’ll try. Though I don’t yet know whom this child is, I already have a nest of love in my heart and I’m so ready to welcome baby. I was born to do this, to become a mother to the right child at the right time, and I pray that time is now.

Warm Regards,

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