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Phil and Kathy

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We’re Phil and Kathy. It’s hard to convey everything we want to say, but we so appreciate you taking the time to view us. Our video speaks volumes. Check it out. We are so fortunate that through the adoption process we were chosen to have our son, Josiah. We are looking forward to the possibility of bringing home another beautiful child to grow our love even more. Our house is filled with music, laughter, and love! It's the essence of who we are!

As we said in the video, there is something divine about the decision you are making. We deeply understand that. We are praying for you and are filled with hope and expectation that you might be that mom that we get to connect with through an open adoption experience.

A bit about us: We met while on staff at a church working with the youth group and now Kathy works in high school classrooms as a teacher coach and Phil stays home with our amazing three-year-old son, Josiah. He is hoping to teach middle school English someday. Kids have always been at the very center of our hearts!

A bit about Phil (written by Kathy): Phil loves God totally and completely. As a son of a pastor, Phil grew up in a Christian faith and he lives out in every area of his life. I love so much about Phil! He is compassionate, extroverted, down to earth, and has an infectious fun and silly spirit. it has been amazing to see these qualities now in our son, Josiah! Phil is a hands-on husband and dad! He excels in tickle fights, cooks for a family with love, laughter, and spiritual insight. Shining moments for Phil include making up songs for many of life's moments it's are: “Big Boy Poopin’ on the Potty”, “Getting Wiggles Out at the Park”, and “We Love Costco Samples.” :)

A bit about Kathy (written by Phil): Kathy has an outgoing, sunny personality. People love to be around her because she has a warm, loving heart. She is great understanding other people's feelings. She is passionate about her relationship with Jesus in the importance of loving and serving people. She invites people to let their guard down and be themselves. She believes the best about people. She loves her work as a high school teacher coach but most importantly, she is her best self as a mom. She and Josiah go on all kinds of fun adventures together like "pizza with pet lion" "birds and bugs lollapalooza" and at the end of the day they can be found curled up, reading books together in their “cozy chair.” Kathy is always full of joy!

A bit about Josiah (written by Phil and Kathy): Josiah is AWESOME! He is fun and full of life. An example of this is when Phil recently took him to the DMV. They were waiting for their number to be called along with a crowd of others who looked very unhappy. Josiah ran up to a window, pulled open the blinds, and yelled, “Wow! The sky is so blue and beautiful!” The room erupted with laughter. We share this story because that's our son. He lives large. He loves people. He is gentle, curious, affectionate, and smart. He can't wait to be a big brother!

Please know how much we will commit our lives to ensure this beautiful child's happiness, well-being, and spiritual growth - and of course, we are looking forward to having a lot of fun together as a family! Thank you for reading our profile. May God guide and bless you as you seek his will in this important and challenging process. We hope to partner with you in your journey.

In deepest gratitude,

Phil, Kathy, and Josiah

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