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Mark and Shelly

Fresno, California

(559) 432-9696

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Both of us would like to let you know that we’re understanding and moved by your decision to make a loving plan for your baby.  While you consider a family and a future home for your little one, we’ll be in prayer and continue to be thankful for mothers such as you, mothers who showcase the true meaning of selflessness.   Infertility has brought us to this decision along with what we believe in our hearts to be more than a few nudges from the Lord.  We would have never imagined that we would have such a thankfulness for our fertility struggles.  But here we are, writing this letter for our profile in hope of making a connection with you and to be given the opportunity to love a child in our home.  It’s our desire that we can begin a family and share in the joy of parenting.  The two of us hope that as you go through our profile, it will show the connection we have for our family and each-other.  Our prayer is that we can have the same connection with you and yours in Gods timing.

With Love,

Mark and Shelly

 Our Story:

In 2011, we were blessed to be set up on a blind date through friends.  As we begin to talk and share our life stories, we realized that we had many things in common.  Truly we believe that God meant for us to meet and merge our families.  In 2013, we married along the oceanside.  In that same year, we had each lost a parent unexpectedly within 4 months of each-other.  Despite the circumstance, we continued with the wedding through strength and faith in the Lord that he had a plan. We found this moment to be a defining chapter in our lives.  We have known each-other for 7 years and have been married for almost 5 years.  Both of us live a life of joy and we are thankful for each day we have together.  Our marriage is kept strong through our continuous communication and love for one another.  Our union is based simply on trusting in the Lords understanding and not our own.

 What Shelly Loves about Mark

It’s easy to be around Mark, he has this incredible peace about him.  Just knowing him as a person is a true gift in my life.  Mark’s character is compassionate and genuine; he has a strong set of values.  Some of my favorite moments in life is standing by him during worship at our church.  His faith in God keeps his foundation strong and he carries an amazing joy.  I love that Mark has a love for basketball and sports along with classic Disney movies.  Loving this man is the easiest part of my life.  I truly believe that Mark will be a father that is fun and loving

What Mark Loves about Shelly

Shelly is quite an amazing woman and has a tremendous heart for people; I’m beyond blessed to have her as my wife. What I love and appreciate the most about Shelly is her selflessness and love for the Lord.  Despite losing her parents at a young age, she is able to carry this incredible joy and peace that radiates in all aspects of her life.  She is a daily inspiration for me and I am always impressed how she never thinks about herself, but always find every opportunity to love people unconditionally.  She is passionate about our families and is crazy in love with our nephews and niece.  I know that Shelly will be an incredible mother and I’m beyond filled with joy to have her be the mother of our future child.