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Adam and Dana

Indianapolis, Indiana

Dear Birthparent(s),

Words cannot begin to describe the appreciation and respect we have for you as a birthparent choosing adoption.  Your courage and selfless love for others defines you as a special person.  By choosing adoption placement, you are beginning a loving legacy for this new life that will impact your child and his/her adopted family for generations to come.

We are grateful you are taking the time to read our letter, and we are hopeful you will contact the Bethany Indianapolis office to view our profile book.  Our names are Adam and Dana, and, quite simply, we are ready and excited to grow our family through adoption.

Two became one

Our story began thirteen years ago when a blind date brought us together.  It was clear from the beginning God had placed us together to build a beautiful life.  In twelve years of marriage, we have been blessed to never lose our love for one another, to share joy in life’s successes, to persevere and overcome life challenges, and to build a strong faith in a mighty God. 

Why adoption?

Our personal journey to adoption began six years ago when Dana had a complicated miscarriage at 12 weeks.  After the miscarriage, Dana was diagnosed with severe endometriosis which resulted in four surgeries in five years.  In 2012 Dana's physician advised a total hysterectomy to ensure her long-term health.  Following her hysterectomy in June 2012, Dana has returned to optimal health, making it abundantly clear God has chosen adoption as the only way to grow our family.

About Adam by Dana

Faithful, loving, truthful, intelligent, genuine, Godly, strategic, patient, attractive, hard-working and humorous are some of my favorite qualities Adam possesses. As my husband, Adam always strives to listen to me, learn from me, and give me Godly guidance and wisdom.  Placing the needs of our family ahead of himself, Adam is dedicated to his role in sales at a medical technologies company, and he strives to provide well for our family.  He is truly my best friend, and I love doing life with him.

About Dana by Adam

Dana is a beautiful woman who I love as both my wife and best friend.  Dana inspires me with her love for God, her compassion for others, her strength to overcome challenges, her leadership talents, and most of all, her ability to be selfless in all aspects of her life.  She always focuses on the needs of others; in her job as a nanny, in our church as a ministry leader, and in her many friendships. 


In August 2013, we welcomed our daughter, Karstyn, into our family through a Bethany adoption.  Karstyn is an energetic, joyful three-year-old who enjoys preschool, reading books, playing pretend, and sweet treats.  We talk to Karstyn daily about welcoming a new baby into our home, and she is eager to take on the role of big sister.  Karstyn knows her adoption story and our family maintains a great relationship with her birth mom through consistent text messages, pictures, and visits. 

Adam and Dana as parents

Adam is a patient, playful, creative, and loving father to our little girl.  Karstyn lights up with laughter and joy when her daddy plays, reads, sings, dances, and cuddles with her.  Dana is a wonderful mother who values her time with Karstyn. Their bond is unbreakable and is a perfect combination of love, fun, learning, and growing together.  Most importantly, Dana places her role as mother first and foremost and will continue to do so by working at home with our children.

Our promises

Our promises in our adoption journey start with a commitment to you as a loved and respected birthparent.  We promise to be compassionate to your story, sensitive to your needs, and always honest with you.  Our family is open to a relationship based on what you desire and what makes you the most comfortable.

To your child we make a commitment to be a family built on Christian principles, beginning and ending each day with unconditional love.  We promise to provide a family and home that is safe, stable, and fun.  We also promise to be consistently honest about your child’s adoption story. 

Our prayer for you

Although we don’t know your specific name or your specific story, we pray every day that you feel God’s love, God’s understanding, and God’s strength.  We believe in a mighty and powerful God, and there is no doubt in our hearts and minds He has great plans for our lives, for your life, and for the life of your child.



Adam, Dana, and Karstyn