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James and Marcia


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Dear Birthmother,

 For your child we have prayed. For you we have prayed - for some time now as we have contemplated our inability to conceive. And now, for reasons perhaps unknown this side of Heaven, God has chosen you - for us - to conceive, carry and deliver precious life into our arms.

We are humbled by the decision you have made to give your child a life of abundant opportunity. We are honored that you might consider us to facilitate your deepest desires for your unborn baby. We have no idea your struggle, nor your joy, and thus have also prayed for special courage, strength and wisdom for you.

We have also prayed for us - that God would prepare us and our home as we open our arms to parent this precious little one, that one day we will all reunite in Heaven for a great family reunion!

Our Story

Since our wedding day on May 4th, 2003, every year has been marked with purposeful and inspiring growth.  We had a vision for helping our community, living debt free, preserving and pursuing health, eating off of our land and creating a sustainable homestead that welcomes stranger and friend alike.  Setting a plan to that vision, we've watched God guide our steps in making this vision a reality.  Our 20 wooded acres will teach little hearts and hands the lessons that nature and industry have to offer; preparing them for a bright, prosperous and faith-filled future. With relational tools in hand, we know that character growth happens on purpose, benefiting us, glorifying God, and preparing our home to raise emotionally secure and healthy children.

Our pursuit of happiness is full of fun, laughter and hobbies. We love gardening most of all but enjoy hiking whenever we get a chance. If the corner store ran out of ice cream, we wouldn't know what to do (and it has so we had to find another corner)! Our home is often full of laughter and good friends and when friends can't come on over, our two dogs and one cat share our smiles and energy. 

With a mission to provide assistance to our community, we have both belonged to our local fire department since 2004.  Yet, amidst the busy-ness of our lives came our first adopted newborn in 2013, and now we look forward to another precious heart to raise and nurture in a loving and healthy family who in turn seeks to respect and help others as they see that modeled in us.

About Jim

The perfect blend of strength to lead and protect, gentleness to comfort and soothe and excitement to run and play. These among other qualities keep Jim well rounded in his role as provider, protector and husband in our home. Growing up in Michigan country never found him indoors for long. Outside was and still is his playground and his office.

His work as an associate chemist helped him realize he had missed his calling to the great outdoors.  Jim soon found himself a career laying block, brick and stone. He wouldn't miss his calling twice!  After working in commercial masonry for 6 1/2 years, Jim has now been self-employed since 2005; running his own masonry business. With no lack for work, he's never lost his eye for unique design or his work ethic for fairness, honesty and a job well done. 

God has richly blessed our debt free marriage with more than we could need or want in prosperity or poverty. Jim always has time to walk, talk and comfort; he lives a strong, confident faith in his God that no matter what life brings him, he does not face it alone.

About Marcia

Marcia is a talented, industrious and caring woman among many other qualities. She has a Master's degree in Physical Therapy and is passionate about helping her community through outreach ministries and as a volunteer firefighter/ETM. She is dedicated and dependable in everything including her marriage, her faith, and many other important matters of life.

Marcia is a very relationship woman and enjoys pursuing friendships and connection with others. She is quick to perceive a hurting or sad heart and responds quickly with empathy and comfort. Marcia puts a lot of energy into personal growth, friendship, and connecting, making her life more about people and relationships and less about possessions and gain.

Our pets get more attention, love and care than any others around! And her young nieces and nephews love her nurturing, motherly ways and are always excited to spend time with her. With a heart full of love and face full of smiles, she is excited, as a stay at home mother, to add another tiny heart to our growing family.

Our Home

Our house has surely become our home. Nestled among 20 wooded acres of beauty, our home has physically grown over the years from about 975 square feet to over 1600 square feet (thanks to Jim's carpentry and masonry skills) including a root cellar/basement to protect us in rough weather. Our home is surrounded by woods, a country gravel road and a large garden and fruit tree orchard, both bringing us satisfaction and the opportunity to learn valuable lessons offered by nature.

We enjoy the quietness of country life and the peaceful community that calls each other 'neighbor'.  Our days are filled with the sounds of nature: birds, insects, the breeze, barking of our dogs or the chickens announcing their latest deposit! Although our well water is the sweetest water we've tasted, we live near a natural spring that has been flowing since the 1930's. 

The scenery out each window reminds us of the bountiful providence that God has given us in our lifestyle choice. Clothes on the line, hummingbirds at the feeders, wood to be split for winter warmth, the occasional passer-by, the green garden turning colorful with produce - we couldn't be more thankful to raise a family in such peace and quiet beauty.

Our Faith

Our Adventist faith rests alone in the saving grace of God who provides, protects and sustains. And like our homestead and marriage, it also grows on purpose. We believe that the things of God and the principles of Heaven are like treasure to be desired, searched for, and obtained at any and all cost. Whether in a church pew, surrounded by Godly friends on Sabbath morning, walking in the woods surrounded by God's beautiful lessons in nature or a quiet day at home, we are blessed by following the examples set by Jesus. We both treasure our spiritual walk with God and tailor it to fit the way we best learn and grown. This includes time on our knees, Bible study, fellowshipping, serving, enjoying the great outdoors and filling our home with uplifting music. We understand the power of influence and association and seek to surround our home and lives with the sights and sounds that point heavenward.

We love to be together. Our hobbies become times of growth, fun, laughter and heart to heart chats.  We share our strengths as well as our vulnerabilities, knowing that if all other hobbies ever end, the hobby of being together as a family never will. We share the joy of our three living parents (two moms’ and one dad) and the never ending fun of two nieces, four nephews, three uncles and three aunts living in neighboring states.

Why Adoption?

Having been married for almost 14 years, we have not been able to have our own family. Instead of pouring money into endless testing and heartache, we immediately knew that, instead, God wanted us to invest in a little bundle of joy. That we did in 2013 and are excited to do it again! We are excited about sharing our home and love with your gift to us and will do everything we can to encourage honesty and openness about adoption as well as keeping you up to date with letters and pictures.

As you search to find hope and a secure future for your baby, we are preparing our home and our lives to protect, raise and love him or her – and promise, with God's help to honor His and your gift to us through Christian values, education, respect and support physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We pray that God will guide you and give you the wisdom, strength and courage you need to make the decision of love and life to your little one.

With honor and respect,

Jim and Marcia