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Mark and Jennifer



Thank you for opening your heart and giving us the honor of introducing ourselves to you.  You are embarking on a journey of life, which provides your baby with the very best gift of all.  As a parent, you will also give your baby things that will stay with him or her, such as his or her personality, their eye color, maybe your hair texture or a knack for a certain skill.  Your desire to consider an adoption plan for your baby will also determine the path of their life.  We know this is a huge decision for you and shows your courage, bravery and deep love for your child.  It is a blessing to us to be able to become parents through the gift of adoption, only made possible because of you.  As you consider this difficult decision, we want to thank you for taking the time to read more about us.  Our prayer for you is that the Lord guides you with wisdom, courage, and strength throughout the journey ahead.

About Us
We fell in love in college, married two years later and are enjoying doing life together.  In 2013, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  Both of us have dreamed about having a family.  After losing two babies, we have been unable to conceive a child.  Our strong desire to become parents continued and led us to adoption.  We have seen the Lord’s hand in all of this and we welcomed our daughter, Niyla, to our family in April 2012.  We are excited to meet our second child as well.

We love having a house full of people, as we enjoy food, games, and a lot of laughter.  Our backyard is the frequent host to summer barbeques.  We enjoy spending time with friends and watching our children play together.  Throughout the years, we have been blessed to experience traveling to many places in the United States and abroad.  Our weekends consist of relaxing, watching movies, going on boat rides, bike riding, fishing or just plain old running errands.  We attend musical concerts and love cheering for the home team at sporting events.  We have a strong Christian faith and are actively involved in church.  We cherish every moment together and look forward to creating new memories and adventures with our children. 

About Jennifer, by Mark
Jennifer is the love of my life and my best friend.  I was attracted to her intelligence, compassion and how she cares for people.  She loves to teach, encourage and develop children. As an elementary school teacher, she excelled in her career, and was voted teacher of the year. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mom caring for our daughter, Niyla. 

As a mother, Jennifer has many valuable role model examples that have been taken from our parents and her friends.  She demonstrates those great qualities by being very loving and nurturing to our daughter. I know her attentiveness and exciting personality provides a whole world of fun and love for our family. 

Jennifer has very close relationship with her parents, her brother and sister.  The family is very connected, frequently enjoying dinner, movies, and time with one another amongst all the cousins.  She has strong family values and a conviction for teaching our children to have a Christian world view. 

About Mark, by Jennifer
Being married to Mark has been the joy of my life.  He has many qualities that I admire.  Like me, He grew up in a Christian home and school. He is very smart, frequently takes apart any gadget and puts it back together again.  He loves sports and was a soccer athlete growing up.  He is a kind, gentle and compassionate person who is optimistic, while doing his best to encourage those around him.  It is a pleasure watching him interact and spend quality time with our daughter.  She loves being “daddy’s girl”.

Mark values time with family and goes out of his way to see them, whether that means traveling far or just stopping over for a nice visit.  He has a great sense of humor, is an avid reader, and is always aiming to improve himself.  He is a hard worker and enjoys his career at a local fortune 100 company.  He recently completed his Master’s degree in Information Technology.  He encourages me and is a great comforter. Mark is very affectionate.  He is my best friend and the love of my life!  Mark has one older sister and has a large extended family, which we try to visit a few times a year.

About Niyla
Niyla has brought great joy to our family.  She has a compassionate personality, loves music, is intrigued by animals, shows artistic ability already and is content to be together with her mama.  When it’s warm, Jennifer and Niyla will often be found playing at the park, going for a walk or swimming in the pool.  During the cold months, they explore museums; attend rhyme time at the library or tumbling around at a local play place.  She also loves playing with her baby dolls.  Niyla is a precious and sweet girl who has brought happiness into our lives.  She absolutely adores children and we know she will be an awesome big sister!  Jennifer is daily teaching Niyla about God’s love along with her letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more.  She is looking forward to nurturing our second child as she continues in her devotion to our home and family.

While Niyla is still little, we have open conversations about her adoption story and her birthmother.  She knows her birthmother’s name and we have an open relationship with her.  We call, email, text, share art projects and pictures along with visiting with her a few times a year.  We are thankful that Niyla’s siblings will share the common bond that they were adopted and can provide love and understanding to each other throughout their lives.

Life in Our Family
Our lives are built on the foundation of our Christian faith.  It’s a joy hearing Niyla sing songs about Jesus, teaching her to pray, and hearing her excitement as we go to church weekly.  We value our time together as a family and love capturing special moments with pictures.  Most evenings we make dinner together and sit at the table having conversations about our day.  In the summertime, we love to pack up the car and head out to the country for a summer drive or down to the lake to take in the beautiful sights and warm weather.  Often times, days end with an evening walk together.  Most Sundays after church we eat lunch and spend time with our extended family.  Many of them live close by.    

Our home is a cozy ranch in the Milwaukee area.  It’s has three bedrooms and a nice backyard with tons of room to run and play.  We have many animal visitors including rabbits, ducks and deer.  We live close to several parks with a variety of play areas as well.

Our Promise to You…
Adoption is a common thread of conversation in our home.  Niyla came home to us when she was five weeks old.  This was a day filled with overwhelming joy where we experienced the reality of our dreams of parenting come true.  However, we know that her story began long before us and your child will know the same.  While we don’t know what level of contact you are comfortable with, we welcome an open relationship if that’s what you desire.  We know that you love your baby so much.  We desire for you to have the opportunity to express your love to your child and be a part of his or her life at whatever level you choose.

Becoming parents has been a very different road then we thought.  You may now find yourself in an unexpected place that’s unfamiliar, just as we did.  However, we know throughout our journey, we haven’t walked alone and the same is true with your journey.  God continues to watch over all of us and should our journeys intersect, know that it would be an honor to walk our future path together. 

Thank you for taking the time to read more about us.  We hope this letter has provided you with a glimpse of what it would be like to be a part of our family.  We pray that as you’ve read through our letter, you experienced a connection between our desire to grow our family through adoption, and your brave decision in considering an adoption plan for your child.  We thank you for opening your heart, and being so strong in making a selfless decision.  We trust we have provided you with the confidence that your child will be welcomed with open arms into our family.  We know this is a huge decision for you.  Our promise is that your child will be raised in a loving, Christian home.  They will also be nurtured and surrounded by many family and friends that will love your child unconditionally and will have all the provisions needed. We look forward to establishing family traditions that will bring laughter and excitement to your child. We promise to surround your child with compassion, consistency and stability.  Above everything, you will always be held in a place of honor.  Your child will always know the love you have for him or her and that our family is made complete because of your decision. 

With our heartfelt prayers,
Mark, Jennifer & Niyla





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